SugaLight – Sugar Free Ice Cream Delivery

I had blogged about SugaLight some years back when I happened to chance upon it at The Rail Mall in Bukit Timah. Wasn’t into low-carb or no-sugar diet then so didn’t really think of revisiting the place.

SugaLight Delivers To Your Doorstep

It’s a pity SugaLight’s only outlet is at The Rail Mall and the few cafes in Singapore that carry their brand of ice cream are kinda out of the way for me too. Hence when I came across their website for online ordering and home delivery, I was so looking forward to stock up my freezer with ice cream. Well, I hadn’t eaten ice cream since I went on keto. Of course I would be excited. :mrgreen:

SugaLight - Sugar-Free Ice Cream Delivery

Even though SugaLight ice cream is made with natural sweeteners that do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels as well as with less fat, it tastes just as creamy and delicious as any regular/popular brand of ice cream. To me, SugaLight is definitely on par if not better because it’s not just the variety of flavours that appeals to me but their ice cream texture is exactly what I like. Smooth, light and not overly sweet. So frickin’ satisfying. Most importantly, it doesn’t send me to a sugar high, lol.

SugaLight ice cream comes in 70ml mini cups, 100ml cups and pint tubs. To order, just visit http://better4u.sg on which you can also find natural sweeteners and other diabetic-friendly food products.

SugaLight - Sugar-Free Ice Cream Delivery

Free Delivery with Min Order of $60

In order to meet the minimum order of $60 for free delivery in Singapore, I purchased 5 pint tubs of different flavours. Very Berry Drizzle was what I had when I first visited the SugaLight outlet. Really enjoyed that refreshing sweet-sour flavour. But after trying the rest of the flavours I got, I was even more impressed, lol.

I thought Minty Chocolate was the best mint choc ice cream I ever had. Would always leave a fresh, cooling and revitalizing minty flavour in the mouth. So, so good, really. It’s a fantastic after-meal perk-me-up!

My second favourite would be French Dark Chocolate that would immediately send me into a chocolate bliss mode. And I wouldn’t stop mmm-ing away, lol.

I loved the nutty Roasted Pistachio too though I tried not to eat too much of it as pistachios aren’t that keto-friendly compared to its other cousins. There were real pistachio bits in the ice cream itself.

Very Berry Drizzle and Coconut were equally good. 🙂 And I am sure the other flavours that I haven’t tried would be just as tasty, lol.

A Word of Caution

Even though SugaLight ice cream is supposed to be lower in carb, lower in fat and sugar free, it doesn’t mean we should be consuming them by the pints all at once. You can check out the nutritional info and macro counts on their website that is based on a 100g scoop. Still gotta eat them in moderation as carbs, fats and calories will add up if otherwise. But one advantage of having SugaLight ice cream? We are turning a sinful indulgence into a guilt-free one. Yay! 😀

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