Peanut Butter Cookies | Low Carb & Sugar Free

I am insanely in love with peanut butter! Really enjoy making these peanut butter cookies because the whole house is filled with peanut butter fragrance as they are baking away in the oven. In fact, when I was making the cookie dough earlier, I could already smell the peanut butter. Yum! Making this batch for […]

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Keto Buffalo Wings without coating

Woohoo! It’s buffalo wings time again! As mentioned in my previous post, here’s my recipe for version 2 of Keto Buffalo Wings without coating. That’s right, it just means the wings are oven-baked naked this time without any addition of flour. Personally I would prefer version 1 (Keto Buffalo Wings with coating) which comes with […]

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SugaLight – Sugar Free Ice Cream Delivery

I had blogged about SugaLight some years back when I happened to chance upon it at The Rail Mall in Bukit Timah. Wasn’t into low-carb or no-sugar diet then so didn’t really think of revisiting the place. SugaLight Delivers To Your Doorstep It’s a pity SugaLight’s only outlet is at The Rail Mall and the […]

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