Irodori Japanese Restaurant @ Riverview Hotel, Havelock Road

I have been to a number of Japanese buffet restaurants and I must say this is one of my preferred ones because it serves my favourite mekajiki (swordfish) sashimi that comes in thick cuts and always taste fresh and sweet. I have had bad experiences where the sashimi served were either slightly frozen (not properly […]

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Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

We were deciding between Ikoi, Irodori, Kiseki and Shin Minori for Jap buffet. As there weren’t many online reviews on the latter, we chose Shin Minori so we could blog about it as well. At 12.30pm, there wasn’t any other customer in sight except us. In fact, the whole of UE Square seemed pretty quiet. […]

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The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant

The Rice Table is probably the only Indonesian restaurant in Singapore that does a rijsttafel (ryst-tah-fell) concept which literally means “rice table” in Dutch. It usually consists of many side dishes served in small portions and eaten with rice. That’s certainly the reason why I love to dine at Rice Table. I love variety. I […]

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