The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant

The Rice Table is probably the only Indonesian restaurant in Singapore that does a rijsttafel (ryst-tah-fell) concept which literally means “rice table” in Dutch. It usually consists of many side dishes served in small portions and eaten with rice.
That’s certainly the reason why I love to dine at Rice Table. I love variety.
I decided to give my godma a lunch treat – preferably a buffet – so we can then continue the day with more Christmas shopping as a full meal would give us all the good reasons to walk more and more!

At $17.88 nett per person for lunch, you get to savour:

  1. Soto Ayam (chicken soup)
  2. Sate Ayam (chicken satay)
  3. Ikan Goreng (fried fish in spicy-sweet sauce)
  4. Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken)
  5. Tahu Telor (fried tofu with egg)
  6. Rudjak Manis (light fruit salad with oranges and green apples)
  7. Sambal Udang (prawns in spicy coconut sauce)
  8. Sayur Lodeh (assorted vegetables in coconut gravy)
  9. Achar Ketimun (pickled cucumber)
  10. Otak (grilled fish cake in banana leaf)
  11. Ayam Kalio (spicy curry chicken)
  12. Daging Rendang (spicy beef stew)
  13. Kangkong Belachan (spicy fried kangkong)
  14. Spicy lady’s fingers
Once you are seated, the service staff will immediately serve all of the above and white rice. I tried every item except the last one as I’m never fond of lady’s fingers so Godma finished all of that. I was so hooked with the Otak that I probably ordered 4 rounds of it! It’s definitely one of the best otaks I’ve eaten in Singapore so far! It’s quite unusual as I don’t fancy otak that much but I just had loads that day.
Since it was a ala-carte buffet, we ordered extra portions of the satay (3x), ikan goreng (3x), tahu telor (3x), curry chicken (2x).
Needless to say, we were full to the brim by the end of the meal. But it was a very satisfying one. Oh, you should also order the sour plum drink ($4, free flow). Both Godma and I thought it tasted really refreshing. Usually I can’t drink much, but I finished a whole glass on my own! That shows how good it was.
The restaurant is not huge, probably only sits max. 60-70 pax so it’s highly recommended to make a reservation. We were lucky to find a 2-seater table upon walk-in but a couple behind us was rejected.
The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant
360 Orchard Road
#02-09/10 International Building
Tel: 6835 3783 / 6835 3782
Website: http://www.ricetable.com.sg
Opens: 12.00pm to 3.00pm, 6.00pm to 9.15pm daily


  • Hubby says:

    lots of variety! perfect for you! i really want to try the satay there. Must be good if you ordered 3 extra. Have to pop in there when we are close by!

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