Salmon Pasta Bibimbap Recipe

If you’re a fan of Korean food, you should be very familiar with the bibimbap. It’s a scrumptious rice bowl with assorted vegetables, meat and egg (check out my Korean Bibimbap Recipe). Toss everything up with some kimchi and gochujang and eat it like a mixed rice – just like how those Korean stars in […]

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Spicy Almond Chicken Pasta Recipe

The sauce for this Spicy Almond Chicken Pasta is basically almond satay sauce i.e. satay sauce made with almonds instead of peanuts. Actually I wanted to make real satay sauce but realised I ran out of peanuts so I used almonds which are always available in my pantry for breakfast oats or cereals. Turned out […]

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Stir Fried Penne with Seaweed Chicken Recipe

I was snooping inside the freezer and found some balance seaweed chicken from last time so I decided to whip up an impromptu lunch of stir fried penne today so the husband and I could stop brainstorming on what to eat and where to have lunch. This meal could probably be our last home-made non-clean […]

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