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Dona Manis Cake Shop | Best Banana Pie in Singapore

I have no qualms about recommending Dona Manis Cake Shop to anyone who enjoys traditional sweet treats like a good old banana pie. In fact I don’t think there is another bakery in Singapore that does banana pies in the same way as Dona Manis. That’s probably why their banana pies are so special even […]

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Nutella Banana Muffins Recipe

I’m absolutely excited to be baking again! Making a storm in the kitchen and messing things up is always so enjoyable, haha. So what do we have in store today? Nutella Banana Muffins! Nutella is my all-time favourite brand for chocolate-hazelnut spread since I was a kid. Goes so well with sandwich bread, croissants, biscuits, […]

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Awfully Chocolate – Awfully Sensational!

I am in love. Head over heels in love. When I took my first bite of a chocolate fudge cake years ago, I fell in love with Awfully Chocolate. It must be the best chocolate cake ever. Chocolate Banana ($28.20 for 6″, $56.40 for 8″) Two thick layers of fresh bananas between layers of moist […]

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