Dona Manis Cake Shop | Best Banana Pie in Singapore

I have no qualms about recommending Dona Manis Cake Shop to anyone who enjoys traditional sweet treats like a good old banana pie. In fact I don’t think there is another bakery in Singapore that does banana pies in the same way as Dona Manis. That’s probably why their banana pies are so special even though they look so ordinary.

Dona Manis Cake Shop | Best Banana Pie in Singapore

Dona Manis Cake Shop is located at Katong Shopping Centre. Quite out of the way for me so I’m really glad I can use Pickupp to deliver a box of banana pies right to my doorstep.

Dona Manis Cake Shop | Best Banana Pie in Singapore

Definitely the best banana pie I’ve ever eaten

Very rich banana flavour. Not too sweet. Lots of banana chunks in the filling. There’s also crunch from the top layer of grated coconut and crushed peanuts.

The top outer edge of the pie crust is somewhat crispy like puff pastry. And the rest of the pie crust is very buttery and has a melt-in-mouth kind of texture. I’m happy just eating the crust alone because it tastes like shortbread! 🙂

What a comforting treat. 5 slices aren’t enough. I need to order another 2 boxes!

New pricing with effect from 1st December 2022

S$3.30/slice or S$33 for a whole pie of 10 slices

Dona Manis Cake Shope
865 Mountbatten Road
#B1-93 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844
10.00am to 4.30pm Tue-Sat
Closed on Sun & Mon

(65) 6440 7688



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