Bitter Gourd Soup Recipe 苦瓜排骨汤

I was never a big fan of bitter gourd when I was growing up. Only started eating it during my working years after having a really good bitter gourd soup at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant at Novena Gardens. And I realised the bitter gourd actually didn’t taste that bad when it was prepared and […]

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Stir Fried Bitter Gourd Recipe (with pork shoulder)

I must admit, bitter gourd is my least favourite among all vegetables because of its taste. But if the bitter gourd is properly prepared and cooked in a style that I like, I really don’t mind having it every now and then because it has amazing health benefits which include lowering bad cholesterol level, cleansing the […]

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Stewed Pork Chops with Bitter Gourd Recipe

I really couldn’t recall where and when I had a similar dish like this before. Perhaps at some Teochew porridge stall or maybe Gramp had made it when I was little as he was so fond of the canned stewed pork chops then. All I remembered was that the dish was really savoury and tasty […]

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