Braised Yam with Roast Pork Recipe

This dish is what I call the best of both worlds because the husband loves his roast pork and I love my yam. And we both adore that salty and savoury braising sauce that goes so well with steamed rice. It’d probably taste better if the yam was deep fried but I really preferred not […]

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Claypot Chicken with Chinese Sausage & Button Mushroom Recipe

My husband is always urging me to cook his favourite lup cheong (chinese sausage) as he really loves it. I prefer to buy the Golden Bridge brand of lup cheong in “Nu Er Hong” (chinese rice wine) flavour. Their sausages are less fatty yet flavoursome. Perfect for stir-fries, claypot rice and this particular dish combined […]

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Three Cup Chicken Recipe 三杯鸡

I always wondered why this dish was known as “Three Cups Chicken” before I tried it for the first time. I even thought that probably the original recipe calls for 3-cup portions of chicken which I’m wrong of course. The dish derives its name from three different cups of sauces, mainly soy sauce, rice wine […]

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