Rice Payasam | Kheer Recipe

I remembered the first time I tried kheer (term used in North India) or payasam (South India) at an Indian restaurant, I fell in love with the rice pudding that was sweet, creamy and milky with a lovely cardamom flavour and rose water fragrance. It was made with full fat milk and basmati rice and […]

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Apple Crumble Recipe

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. To all my readers who celebrate the Lunar New Year, have a wonderful reunion meal with your loved ones and here’s wishing all good health and a very Happy & Prosperous Monkey Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🙂 Every time I think of the apple crumble, it would just […]

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S’mores Recipe

S’mores is a campfire delight that is popular in the United States. This dessert treat usually comes in the form of a graham cracker sandwich that’s filled with roasted marshmallow and chocolate. It isn’t necessary to specify portion sizes under the ingredients list as this S’mores recipe is incredibly easy to make. It’s really all […]

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