Healthy Summer Berry Muffins Recipe

Sharing a Healthy Summer Berry Muffins Recipe today that’s packed full of fibre and antioxidants and yet have a lower GI (and sugar content too) than other regular muffins. What makes this recipe special is that these muffins contained no regular flour (all-purpose/plain).  They were made with pulverised rolled oats which was like homemade oat ‘flour’. […]

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Spinach Muffins Recipe (with Goji Berries & Corn)

I must be the first person to come up with such an unusual muffin flavour, haha. When I told the husband that I was making Goji Berries, Corn and Spinach Muffins, he initially expected the muffins to be savoury but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were actually sweet dessert muffins. It was […]

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Egg & Ham Breakfast Muffin Recipe

This is a no-carb muffin recipe which is very easy to make without the hassle of preparing several components of the traditional fry-up. Only 3 ingredients are required but of course if you like, you can always include additional stuffs like button mushrooms, diced bell peppers, sweet corn kernels, bacon bits, etc to bulk them up. Egg & Ham […]

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