Fried Rice with Crispy Salmon, Lotus Root & French Beans Recipe

I absolutely adored this fried rice not only because the salmon was crispy but because the salmon imparted a wonderful aroma to the rice without making it taste fishy. The crunch from the lotus root and french beans simply added more textures too. And I chose brown rice over white rice for its high fibre and low-GI properties. An easy […]

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Chicken & Vegetables Medley Fried Rice Recipe

I had to go A&E on Tuesday when I had really bad nausea that made me vomit the whole day till I suffered from severe dehydration. Nearly passed out at the hospital so I had to be put on drip. Not an exciting week for me indeed. Been having flu symptoms for 1.5 months but never did […]

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Nasi Goreng Recipe (Indonesian/Malay Style Fried Rice)

I have an indescribable affinity with fried rice, probably all kinds of fried rice. It’s one of the most inexpensive comfort food for me because frying rice always reminds me of my beloved Granny. And because of that, I always get this familiar feeling of kinship and love when I eat fried rice and no […]

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