Life Is But A Dream

I drew inspiration from a poem that my childhood friend had written for me two decades ago. To reflect the times when I lost track of where I was heading to during the growing up years. Many times, I really wished life was just a dream so when I wake up the next morning, everything […]

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Children Little Museum @ Bussorah Street

Recently, there have been quite a number of local TV programmes depicting Singapore in its early days, things that we grew up with and food/snacks that we used to eat when we were little kids. These certainly brought back some nostalgic childhood memories for me. And so happened I was walking around the Arab Quarter […]

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This poem reflected the many times I felt my heart dropped during my teen years while juggling with my studies, my grandfather’s passing, family problems and the depression that followed… Fears by Geri Tan Walk into a hall with paper and gear What you get is the feeling of fear Out of a room with […]

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