Insta-Worthy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Good morning sunshine! ☀️☀️☀️ Happy Sunday, everyone! Hubby is still running his 21km marathon now but should be finishing soon (flagged off at 4.30am today). Go LG go! Hope he achieves his best time and breaks his last record. ? He keeps saying he’s running for me (as if, haha) and he always passes me his […]

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Healthy Crepe Recipe (no added sugar / low fat)

I had a kueh dadar (coconut filled pancake roll) the other day and was just craving for it again cos’ that fragrant crepe skin was packed with this lovely coconut milk aroma. I was inspired to create a dessert crepe – a low fat one with no real coconut milk in it but yet resembled […]

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A Healthy Breakfast of Overnight Oats with Assorted Fruits

Overnight oats are probably the greatest time savers in the morning. Basically they are just rolled oats soaked in milk and/or yogurt in the fridge overnight so you can just dig in right away the next morning before heading out to school or work. I never like oats that much before though my husband can […]

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