KL Style Hokkien Mee Recipe

Recently, I triedĀ KL Style Hokkien Mee at Geylang and thought I’d try to recreate a healthier version of it at home minus away the so-good-but-so-sinful pork lard. The KL versionĀ of Hokkien Mee is quite different from the local one we get here and the most obvious difference is in the colour. KL one is ‘black’ […]

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Chomp Chomp Food Centre Part II Delights

For some reasons, I just love Chomp Chomp. It isn’t a very big food centre and most of the stalls are in fact repeated but there are gems to explore and it never fails to surprise me each time I’m there. Large-size sugar cane juice ($3.00 each from Stall 25) No more medium-sized glasses. This […]

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