Chomp Chomp Food Centre Part II Delights

For some reasons, I just love Chomp Chomp. It isn’t a very big food centre and most of the stalls are in fact repeated but there are gems to explore and it never fails to surprise me each time I’m there.
Large-size sugar cane juice ($3.00 each from Stall 25)
No more medium-sized glasses. This time, we opted for a huge glass each. Being a camel who usually doesn’t drink too much, I was amazed at my decision to get such a big glass for myself and even though I probably only finished half (the other half did not go to waste of course), it was much a thrill to be drinking such a big glass of sugar cane juice that’s superbly refreshing and cool in this warm weather! Really shiokalicious! Such a thumbs-up drink – you’ll regret not ordering it if you’re there!
Wish I could make this at home so I can enjoy a refreshing glass of juice whenever I want in this hot and humid weather. I’m definitely considering the Tribest from https://juicerkings.com/best-cold-press-juicers/ which will come in really useful for this.
Hokkien Mee ($3.00 from Stall 27, Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodles)
The healthier version of hokkien mee with no traces of pork lard or pork belly. It wasn’t too bad on its own with the sambal chilli but it lacked the kick of lard & fatty meat. I usually like my hokkien mee slightly wet so didn’t really enjoy this much.
BBQ sambal sting ray ($10.00 from Stall 8, Boon Tat Street Seafood BBQ)

The sting ray was well barbecued with a nice charred surface that made it really tasty. Again, this was a meaty slab of fish but it wasn’t as tender as the one I tried at Lucy’s the other time. But best thing was, I loved its sambal chilli better that was spicy and simply delicious! Dipping the string ray meat into its authentic chinchalok concoction with shallot bits was heavenly! I will certainly be back for more of this! =)

Pork and lamb satay ($0.50 per stick from Stall 32, Ang Sa Lee Satay)

Yummy satay! The meat was flavourful and tender and the peanut sauce had pineapple mash in it which made it sweet and so tasty! One of the best satays at Chomp Chomp indeed!

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road
Opens: From 5pm till late daily


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