Seafood Potato Pancake Recipe

This is a fusion dish inspired by the Korean seafood pancake and the Swiss rösti. Instead of using just regular potatoes, I added in sweet potatoes as well to give the pancakes some natural sweetness. If you like, you can also use scallops and lump crab meat besides squids and prawns. I made a lighter […]

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Roasted Cannellini Beans, Carrots and Potatoes Recipe

Baked potato. Mashed potato. Corn on the cob. French fries. Onion rings. Salad greens. Coleslaw. Pasta salad. Steamed vegetables. Mashed cauliflower. Blah blah blah. I’m running out of ideas to create sides for my mains. So when the husband asked me if cannellini beans could be roasted in the oven, I thought it was just […]

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Pork Belly & Potato Stew Recipe

This Pork Belly & Potato Stew Recipe was inspired by this homely stewed chicken side dish I had at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant. Hence I used mirin (Japanese rice wine) to give the broth a robust flavour and sweetness while adding this Japanese element into it. Instead of using chicken dark meat (leg or thigh), I opted for pork belly slices […]

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