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Easy Ham Fried Rice Recipe 火腿炒饭

Inspired by the Western Fried Rice from West Grill Station that had me coming back 3 times in 2 weeks. It was just a very humble dish of ham fried rice to be honest but the outlet in my neighbourhood did it so well, I could taste wok hei in every mouthful of the fried […]

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Rice Payasam | Kheer Recipe

I remembered the first time I tried kheer (term used in North India) or payasam (South India) at an Indian restaurant, I fell in love with the rice pudding that was sweet, creamy and milky with a lovely cardamom flavour and rose water fragrance. It was made with full fat milk and basmati rice and […]

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Seafood Brown Rice Risotto Recipe

To make this recipe, you would need a flavoursome seafood stock. Luckily I had kept prawn heads/shells and fish heads/bones (can also get from NTUC Fairprice) in the freezer so what I did was to fry these odds and ends with some sunflower oil till cooked and fragrant and then added leftover vegetable broth. I […]

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Fan Choy Recipe

Fan Choy (饭菜 in Cantonese) is what I call the ‘dim sum version’ of the char siew rice which is affordably priced (small portion though) and readily available at those stalls selling dim sum and steamed buns at hawker centres or coffeeshops. For my recipe, I chose to use brown rice (it’s healthier than white!) […]

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Baked Brown Rice with Chicken, Mushrooms and Cheese

Casseroles or one dish meals make excellent weekday dinners. And honestly, this baked rice is so versatile, you can just use any ingredients you like especially if you have plenty of leftovers from your recent CNY feast or steamboat to use up – meatballs, bacon, ham, luncheon meat, sausages, bell peppers, broccoli, etc. Also, you […]

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Tabyeet (Iraqi Style Slow-cooked Chicken with Rice)

Since I bought a new slow cooker a while ago (can’t believe I took this long as it’s such a handy appliance to have!!), I’ve been experimenting with new recipes such as this one-pot rice dish which is like the Middle Eastern version of a chicken dum biryani. What I really like about it is its exotic flavours […]

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Teochew Style Yam Rice Recipe

The last time I had yam rice was at my mum’s when she ‘anyhow’ made up one without a specific recipe in mind. That was just one of the very few occasions I would have dinner at her home since I got married because when she did cook, she didn’t seem to know how to […]

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