Stir Fried Leeks Recipe (with Roast Pork)

Roasted a huge slab of pork belly earlier (click here for my Crispy Roast Pork Recipe) as I wanted to use the extras to create a few other dishes. In the end, there weren’t a lot of leftovers to make use of because the roast pork itself was so addictive, we couldn’t stop eating it, […]

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Braised Yam with Roast Pork Recipe

This dish is what I call the best of both worlds because the husband loves his roast pork and I love my yam. And we both adore that salty and savoury braising sauce that goes so well with steamed rice. It’d probably taste better if the yam was deep fried but I really preferred not […]

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Oven Roasted Honey-Glazed Char Siew Recipe 蜜汁叉烧

I like char siew (chinese style roasted pork) for its smoky, roasted flavour but I don’t really fancy the artificial red colouring used for most of the outside ones so when I chanced upon this recipe from My Wok Life that doesn’t use any colouring at all, I just have to try it.     […]

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