Chicken In A Pot Recipe

My dearest Mr Guinea Pig has been frequently away from home on business. Sometimes I just feel too lazy to cook for myself. It’s not difficult to grab a takeaway as there are many food choices out there in the hawker centre and coffeeshops in my neighbourhood. But yet, I still don’t know what to eat […]

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Stuffed Peppers with Salsa Rice and Chicken

Normally, I would bake stuffed peppers in the oven with a layer of cheese on top just like this simple recipe with minced beef, onions and cherry tomatoes. This time round, I decided to make a one dish meal out of red peppers and hence used a mix of brown and red rice to bulk […]

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Tabyeet (Iraqi Style Slow-cooked Chicken with Rice)

Since I bought a new slow cooker a while ago (can’t believe I took this long as it’s such a handy appliance to have!!), I’ve been experimenting with new recipes such as this one-pot rice dish which is like the Middle Eastern version of a chicken dum biryani. What I really like about it is its exotic flavours […]

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