Pan Fried Sutchi Fish Recipe (with assorted vegetables)

Sutchi fish is one of my preferred white fish as it has a mild flavour and doesn’t have a fishy or muddy smell despite it being a freshwater fish. Besides being really affordable and cheap, the sutchi fish with a firm texture is very suitable for pan-frying, baking or even stir-frying. Here are a few […]

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Crispy Fried Sutchi Fish Recipe

There’s nothing better than panko breadcrumbs when it comes to frying food as they give that excellent crisp and crunch without it tasting like a heavy crust batter. Check out my other recipes which make good use of panko: Chicken Katsudon Tonkatsu Crispy Onion Rings Shark Fillet with Lemon Mustard Halibut with Pecorino Romano Panko […]

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