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I had previously reviewed Takagi Ramen that’s located in a coffeeshop in Ang Mo Kio Central. It’s one of the few ramen stalls that I visit regularly because it’s near where I live so it’s pretty convenient for me to grab a ramen lunch whenever I’m in the town centre to do my grocery shopping.

Plus, their prices have remained very affordable (when everything else is becoming too expensive) for close-to-restaurant-standard ramen.

“Ramen for the Average Singaporean”. We definitely need more of such options – whether food or non-food.

When Takagi Ramen was up on the honestbee food delivery app, I was really glad because it became even easier to grab ramen takeaways without having to leave the house. The hubby loves Takagi Ramen a lot because he always like piling on the carbs before going on his long-distance runs so during the weeks when he’s training for his marathon, we will sure order Takagi Ramen via honestbee. He has to eat double or triple portions with extra noodles, lol.

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

This was how the packaging looked like. In my first couple of orders, both ramen and rice dishes came in these paper containers. Not very secure as the outer handle was basically hanging onto the container lid. There was once when my ramen came exposed as the lid came loose and some broth was lost. Recent deliveries were placed in the yellow colour honestbee paper bags which were at least sturdier.

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

Takagi Ramen $7.90

The broth and noodles were separated with parchment paper which was a smart move so that the ramen wouldn’t become a soggy mess by the time it arrived at our door step. All you need to do is to gently pull the parchment paper from one end and the noodles will ‘drop’ into the soup below.

If you’ve requested for additional complimentary noodles (that’s the extra bonus that Takagi Ramen offers), the extra portion will be included with the rest of the noodles in that one big lump.

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

Noodles were still springy and broth was still hot when arrived. The container wasn’t very big to hold much broth in it so expect it to be on the drier side especially if you have extra noodles soaking up all that broth.

For home delivery, I thought this ramen scored well in terms of presentation, taste and texture.

One gripe though. The cha shu slices in the ramen seem to be getting thinner and thinner as compared to what I had during their early days. Seriously, I rather they up the price a bit more (even though this is already marked up by $2 on honestbee app) but provide decent-looking cha shu, not ‘shaved ham’ please. There’s just no kick when biting into the cha shu as there’s no textural satisfaction. ☹️

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

Karaka-men – Spicy $8.50

Had the Karaka-men too which was similar to the Takagi Ramen with Tonkotsu broth but in a spicy version. I actually enjoyed this a lot. It was like eating a very comforting, spicy instant noodle in the middle of a cool, rainy night when feeling peckish. Not too spicy but enough to add that extra punch.

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

Ton-meshi – Special Tonkotsu Cooked Rice $3.90

First time I had this, the braised pork tasted bitter because the meat was burnt. Thought I would give it a second chance and hence I decided to order again. Came perfectly alright. Pork was nicely marinated and was quite fork-tender too. They were generous with the amount of pork as well.

I ate this a couple more times in my previous honestbee deliveries and all were good except during the recent weekend. It was disappointing as they had replaced the braised pork with minced pork which had no flavour at all.

Same problem with the Jiajia-men – Dry Ramen ($6.50). It was similar to a zha jiang mian but with the same braised pork as the Ton-meshi. I liked it because the braised pork was flavoursome. However in my last order, it came with tasteless minced pork too.

Seemed like that weekend, they had run out of the braised pork or something. No consistency. Tsk tsk.

Takagi Ramen via honestbee food delivery

Piri-don $4.90

Ordered the Piri-don because I hadn’t had it before. Turned out to be the same as the Ton-meshi but with a tiny bit of chilli on top which didn’t really do much to add flavour.

Having tried most of the items on the menu, I would definitely recommend the Takagi Ramen, Karaka-men, Ton-meshi and Jiajia-men (if the latter two come with the proper braised pork). And like I had mentioned, it wasn’t a bad idea to actually order ramen online and have it delivered to your home as the ramen arrived fresh and hot while tasting good too.

If you haven’t tried Takagi Ramen, make sure you come visit when you’re in Ang Mo Kio next time and those who live in the AMK neighbourhood, you can order the ramen via honestbee food delivery service if you’re too lazy to get out of the house.

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Takagi Ramen
Takagi Ramen
721 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
#01-2817 Broadway Coffeeshop
Singapore 560721
11.00am to 10.00pm daily

+65 9138 8017

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