Teochew Meat Puff – Oyster Cakes Not To Be Missed

A few weeks back on Instagram, my foodie friend A had recommended and highly raved about this oyster cake she got from the pasar malam next to Causeway Point (nearest MRT is Woodlands).

I was so tempted by the scrumptious looking picture of her oyster cake that was packed with so much filling, I just had to make my way there to check it out. Such perfect timing too as I had been craving for good oyster cakes since having some at The 50 Cents Fest earlier as well as the ones from Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake at Maxwell Food Centre that kinda fell short of expectations.

Teochew Meat Puff

I was pretty excited when I found the Teochew Meat Puff stall and was even thrilled to see they also had prawn and octopus variations. All the cakes were made and deep-fried on the spot so every cake was served piping hot.

By the way, please do not mix up this stall with the oyster cakes that are sold at the fried tapioca cake/muah chee station (those are rubbish!) because this is an independent stall on its own which seems like a family-run business.

Teochew Meat Puff

It was very hot to hold in my hand but I couldn’t wait to eat it. One bite into the oyster cake and it just blew me away.

Just look at the picture above – this oyster cake was generously packed with ingredients like fatty ground pork, Chinese celery and fresh, plump oysters. The filling was so well seasoned and really very tasty.

The deep-frying was done to perfection because the outside of the UFO-shaped cake was crispy but the inside was still oh-so-juicy. It wasn’t extremely greasy and didn’t ooze oil when I bit into it. Only S$3 each, so worth it!

Even though this oyster cake was more like a meat puff (hence the name of the stall), it was just ridiculously good, very satisfying and addictive too. Delicious and freshly-made fried street snacks like this are just hard to come by. Forget about those processed food & snacks that are not worth the calories – have an oyster cake instead.

I couldn’t resist buying another half dozen home since I don’t live near so might as well go all the way. Tried the prawn and octopus cakes too but I think the oyster ones were still the best because they were briny and richer in flavour.

The pasar malam at Causeway Point has now ended but Teochew Meat Puff will be available at the upcoming pasar malam at Blk 261 Serangoon Central (next to NEX along the roadside) from 1-9 October. Hubby and I have already planned to go down this weekend, haha.

Check out their Facebook page below to get updates on their event locations in future.

Teochew Meat Puff
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeochewMeatPuff
Tel: +65 9879 9874


  • My grandma used to buy this for us when we were kids. We will snack in front of the TV, all greasy fingers… So nostalgic. I love the herby vegetable in it too.

    • Geri Tan says:

      That must be either Chinese celery or chives. 🙂 I get reminded of my Gran too whenever I have one of these. Quite hard to get them here these days, hopefully they will still last for some more years. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sneo says:

    No doubt the food is good though a little pricey. But after managing to buy some today, I would never ever return to patronise the stall unless the stall owner changes his very very arrogant attitude “Ai lai mai sua “. It’s always the case when business is good, customers can be treated like dirt.

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