Thai Express @ Plaza Singapura

I’ve been a regular of Thai Express since a decade ago. And to date, I still think it serves up the best seafood phat thai in Singapore which is always my sure-to-order item every time I’m here. And the best part is, no matter which Thai Express branch I go to, standard of their food is always consistent with quick service.

Thai Ice Milk Tea $4.90

Thai Ice Milk Tea $4.90

After having tried the same at other Thai restaurants, I thought the milk tea at Thai Express had the most balanced concoction with a strong brew of tea and subtle milky flavour without being saccharine sweet.

Yum Yai $10.30 Famous King Rama II of Thailand’s salad

Yum Yai (Famous King Rama II of Thailand’s salad) $10.30

The husband and I wanted to try something different besides the usual green mango or papaya salad so we went for the Yum Yai that came with chicken leg meat, prawns, squids, hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, red & green chillies, onions, tomatoes and lettuce tossed in a dressing that tasted primarily of fish sauce and lime juice and topped with coarsely chopped peanuts and spring onions. Very simple salad but it was a feast fit for a king. What I liked about this was how all the different flavours of sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter could blend harmoniously. The natural crispness of the vegetables, tenderness of the chicken and squids and crunchiness of the prawns and peanuts all gave welcoming textures to the dish. The only downside was that the chicken meat itself was too bland and such dressing couldn’t really make the chicken more palatable.

Peek Gai Yud Sai (Thai stuffed chicken wings) $9.30

Peek Gai Yud Sai (Thai stuffed chicken wings) $9.30

Besides the phad thai, this would be my second must-order dish. I love chicken wings and these stuffed ones were even better. Only the mid-joint and tip of the wing were used. The bones were first removed from the mid sections and then the cavities were stuffed with a well marinated meat and prawn paste filling before deep-frying. It seemed expensive as there were only 3 wings per serving but it was well worth every penny. The wings weren’t overly greasy. Every bite was a juicy mouthful. Dip into the sweet chilli sauce provided, it’s just heavenly. And when you’re done with the stuffing part, you can go on to nibble at the crispy end tip. Thinking of it now makes me salivate. Yum.

2014-03-01 14.09.58

And yes, this was how tightly stuffed the wing was. Absolutely succulent!

Kaeng Khiew Wan Talay (Seafood in jade green curry) $11.30

Kaeng Khiew Wan Talay (Seafood in jade green curry) $11.30

This green curry totally blew us away, we wished the serving of steamed rice was bigger so we could mop up every bit of the indulgent gravy. The fragrance of coconut milk in the gravy was so rich and intense. And the portion of seafood (prawns, squids and fish slices) was quite generous too. I particularly liked the egg plant pieces that were in the curry. Soft, tender and juicy and went so well with the gravy.

Phat Thai Talay  (Phat Thai with seafood) $12.90

Phat Thai Talay (Phat Thai with seafood) $12.90

I totally heart this. To eat this, you’d have to squeeze the lime wedge over the noodles and mix everything up with the chilli flakes and the ground peanuts. This phat thai had a strong ‘wok hei’ (wok fragrance) that made it really tasty. Again, the combination of flavours was a true winner. Generous portions of ingredients. It had everything to ignite all senses. I could eat this easily any time!

We spent approx. $63 for this meal for 2 persons. Not the cheapest Thai meal in Singapore but well worth the price paid and every calorie consumed.

Thai Express @ Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6339 5442
Locations of all outlets
Operating hours: 11.00am to 10.30pm daily

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