The Best Thing To Eat On A Rainy Day…

…is Steamboat! I’m sure many of you would agree with me 🙂

It’s the end-of-year rainy season now and I just crave for hot, piping steamboat. I just happened to see this Aerogaz induction cooker (with pot) deal at NTUC Fairprice atrium fair at AMK Hub. It only cost $33.90 for the whole set. Anyway, Chinese New Year will be here soon in January so this steamboat comes in handy for the reunion dinner too. But who says steamboats at home are only meant for occasions? We can have it any time when we want. Just that with only the husband and I eating, there aren’t a lot of ingredients we could get.

Steamboat - Best Thing To Eat On A Rainy Day

My first Aerogaz brand of appliance. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn’t familiar with this brand, it was locally made plus the price was cheap so I really wondered if it would work well.

It was a last minute dinner plan so I didn’t have any proper broth to use. We merely poured hot water into the pot and selected the “Boiling” setting. Surprisingly, the water did boil pretty fast. Even after we added in our yong tau foo, chinese endives and mushrooms, the water heated up very quickly too. But the bad thing is, if you set it at “Boiling”, you can’t reduce the temperature to make it a simmer so the water just bubbled ferociously. We had to select “Grill” instead to set a temperature of 160 deg C to ensure a consistent and gentle boiling which was good enough to last for the entire meal. Prawns and shabu shabu pork slices were cooked in seconds!

I don’t intend to use this cooker for other purpose except for steamboat so I must say this is indeed a good buy for the household and especially good for days when you feel too tired to cook. Makes a good one-pot meal for the whole family.

Go grab one from Fairprice while stocks last! 🙂 It comes with one year manufacturer warranty.

Happy Steamboating!

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