Toast Box 土司工坊 @ Resorts World Sentosa

Probably the cheapest meals we could get during our staycation at Resorts World. We had a dinner and a lunch here mainly to save costs as everything else in RWS was terribly expensive. They were still decent meals though to fill the stomachs and for the prices we paid, even though really nothing GREAT to shout about.
Kaya butter toast ($1.40)
Bread was soft and of a texture I like but I bet it’d be so much better if the surface was toasted a bit longer for that extra crunch. The kaya spread wasn’t worth mentioning. It was like what we could just do at home.
 Laksa mee tai mak ($5.00)
I wonder who came up with the idea of using mee tai mak for laksa. Firstly, they tasted soggy (and a tiny bit rice-gluey) in the gravy. Secondly, the gravy tasted totally wrong. Was this really laksa? The rest of the ingredients came in adequate portions e.g. tau pok, fish cake and 2 shrimps. But I really wouldn’t call this laksa. Total mismatch. Give me Katong laksa please.
 Mee siam ($3.80)
Alas, the portion size had expanded slightly compared to its servings in the past where one set usually didn’t fill the stomach. I expected the quality to remain though but didn’t find the gravy as tasty as before. It became a standard local mee siam now and reminded me of the ones I used to eat at the tuckshop in my primary school more than 2 decades ago.
Curry chicken with rice ($5.20)
The gravy went very well with the rice. It was thick and full of coconut milk flavour. In it, you’d get three pieces of mid-joint wings, 2 small half potatoes and loads of tau pok. The tau pok had soaked the gravy and were quite tasty. Probably the best dish in the entire meal.
Nasi lemak ($5.00)

I thought the rice was a bit soggy but the sambal chilli was good. Spicy but not overly hot. Peanuts (no ikan billis) were given. The chicken wing was normal. An over cooked sunny side up. Really nothing much to comment.

Toastbox Resorts World
26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World The Forum B1-203/204
Opens: 24 hours

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