Touched by an Angel

I wrote this poem to remember this person I met at work who had shared wealth and woe with me during my most difficult times when I was thrown into the deep sea, struggling to keep alive…His words of wisdom were extremely encouraging and always provided the much needed consolation when no one else could hold my hand then. Thank you, wherever you are now.

Touched by an Angel
by Geri Tan

Sitting at my desk by myself, all alone
Writing this poem which I call my very own
Wishing in my hands would appear an ice cream cone
Chilly as you swallow all the way right to the bone
Hoping he will call as I stare at the phone
Listening to the voice with a soft angelic tone
One of the greatest men I have ever met and known
Touched me through my heart in this “No Trespassing Zone”
As I slowly remember, the pain comes and I moan
Who will understand what it means by being alone?

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