Procuring Travel Insurance in Singapore

There has never been a better time to add travel insurance to your trip plans. Travel is unpredictable and considering that uncertainties might show up even when least expected, it is extremely important to purchase travel insurance for all your trips.

Procuring Travel Insurance in Singapore

Whether you are a first-time traveller or an avid holidaymaker flying from Singapore, investing in comprehensive travel insurance with the right insurer can provide much-needed peace of mind when travelling.

Travel insurance helps to protect you against uncertainties. For example, emergency medical expenses, delays or cancellation, and baggage loss. That said, while the best policy depends on the details of your trip, an international travel insurance comparison can almost certainly save you money and time. When comparing, the idea is to procure a policy that best meets your needs.

This post will cover more about obtaining tailored travel insurance policies ahead of your trips.

Tailored travel insurance that meets your needs

It is the goal of almost every traveller to find the best travel insurance policy at the lowest possible price. This is not impossible, especially for Singapore residents travelling overseas. However, it requires a little more effort to compare the available plans. Then pick one that encompasses the best features and ideally fits your needs.

Generally, the shortest route to getting a customised yet comprehensive travel insurance policy is by procuring from a reputable insurance provider. Most of these providers prioritise travellers’ welfare and usually have reasonable rates for most, if not all, of their products.

When it comes to purchasing your policy, various coverage plans are available which are designed to cater to different categories of travellers.

For your overseas trips from Singapore, you can consider: 

Individual plan

Whether you are travelling for business reasons or wanting to explore a place of interest alone, an individual policy can provide you with the coverage you need. This type of policy covers you for insurable events that may occur before or during your trip overseas. Surprisingly, you can get a policy for as low as S$14.

Procuring Travel Insurance in Singapore

Family plan

If you are spending money on a long-awaited family trip, a single policy covering the entire family can be a perfect solution. Typically, a family policy covers two adults and children. Most reputable providers allow a given number of children to travel for free as long as two adults are covered.

Group plan

From business conferences to group tours, there are many reasons you may travel as a group. Procuring group travel insurance allows you to enjoy the same benefits you would with an individual trip policy at a probably lower cost. However, the price will likely vary depending on the number of people constituting the group.

Annual multi-trip and single-trip plans

Whether you’re travelling as an individual or want full coverage for your family, there are both annual and single trip options to choose from. Single trip plans usually cover trips for up to 90 days. However the maximum duration can vary from one provider to another. Now that many countries have reopened their borders, you may be planning to take several trips this year. If so, getting an annual multi-trip policy could be more worth it and help you save more money.

These plans allow for varied payable limits which cater to most travellers.

Take note

Keep in mind that Covid-19 is currently considered a known event. Therefore your policy might not cover claims arising from the coronavirus outbreak.

Always read your travel insurance policy details before signing the contract. Reputable providers are known for providing reliable trip insurance policies, however, you don’t want to assume what the policy covers and doesn’t cover. Read the fine print. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safe travels everyone!

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