Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

This was a really quick brunch fix cos’ it was one of those make-ahead meals that I’d prepare the night before and all I would do the next day was just to toss the ingredients with the dressing. Nothing too fanciful as I just wanted to keep the flavours simple and I chose to use canned tuna in water as it’s low in fat and is a high lean protein. Every 100g of tuna has only about 110kcal which is even better! Enjoy this Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe 😉

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)
250g penne or fusili pasta (I used a mix of both), cooked according to packet instructions
1 can tuna in water, drained
400g can cannellini beans, drained & rinsed
200g cherry tomatoes, halved
2 red onions, sliced
handful of chopped parsley

Dressing: (combine in a bowl)
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp Dijon mustard
juice of 1 lemon

1. Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and pour the dressing all over.
2. Toss thoroughly to combine.
3. Chill in fridge for flavours to marry before serving.


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