TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge

I was invited to a launch party at the newly opened Avalon club here at MBS but was made to wait at the door as there was another private event going on – so much for having a VIP invite. Feeling annoyed, I suggested to the husband to go in MBS and have tea while we waited for the club to open. And well, the very first tea place we saw was TWG – one of my fave brands of tea.
Curious why the year 1837 is part of TWG’s branding when TWG was only established in Singapore in recent years? According to their website, 1837 was the year in which tea trade was made official in Singapore. Yes, so TWG is only honouring the year. It is definitely not established since 1837. Nevertheless, I must say TWG carries some of the best teas in the world. For tea lovers, you just have to drink and find out.
The best thing about this tea salon is its extensive tea list. I probably took at least 10 minutes studying the entire list and finally made my selection.
Chocolate Tea ($11)

My husband ordered this since he loves everything chocolate. I took a sip but he probably enjoyed it more than me as he made it much sweeter with the syrup provided. There is a subtle chocolate taste to it but seriously, I would prefer a milo or hot chocolate if I wanted something chocolatey.

Apple Tea ($11)

Thumbs up for this! I normally don’t like overly sweet stuffs so I went easy on the syrup just to give it a little bit of sweetness. The apple tea was fragrant and refreshing. Much much better than a ice lemon tea. At $11++ a glass, it’s really a luxurious drink to enjoy but I can always go for seconds. Too nice for this hot weather.

TWG Tea Salad ($29.00)
Mesclun salad with foie gras, smoked salmon, marinated shrimp, herb Roma tomatoes, French beans and corn sprinkled with chives and served with 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette and with 2 slices of toast. From the menu, it sounded like a very exquisite dish. But when the dish came, it failed to deliver the elegance of its name. The salad just looked like fast food where you can just pile on the greens, scoop on the corn, roll a few slices of smoked salon and dump a slice of foie gras in. Also, I see no sight of foie gras except for a piece of pate with taste of foie gras in it – not sure of its pedigree though. The smoked salmon didn’t taste fresh either. The only thing that was truly palatable was the corn bits that were quite sweet.
I actually enjoy these plain toast better than the foie gras salad!
Mango Crumble ($12.00)

A tart with fresh mango pieces and a light coconut cream infused with Vanilla Bourbon Tea topped with crumble biscuit and served with a scoop of Alfonso Tea ice cream. Everything tasted wrong. The flavours did not blend with one another giving it a sharp distinct change of flavours when you tasted from one thing to the next.

I guess I would still go for its teas only. As for food, it may sound amazing to ‘infuse’ tea flavours into every dish but unfortunately if the flavours don’t go well, it won’t even work with the biggest tea fan. More research and experiments ought to be done before crafting out dishes with ‘exquisite’ tastes and flavours. For the price we are paying, we deserve to be treated with something better.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
B2-89/89A, 2 Bayfront Avenue
Tel: 6535 1837
Opens: 10.00am to 10.30pm daily and until 12 midnight 
on Fri, Sat and eve of PHs

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