VeganBurg @ The Grandstand – Organic Vegan Guilt-Free Fast Food

While I love my greens, I have never thought of going vegan or vegetarian because I always think plant foods will not be able to satisfy me as they don’t give me the same texture and bite like meat. Recently, I started on my exercise regimen (yes, finally after being a couch potato for too long!) and decided to incorporate a few low-carb, vegan or vegetarian meals into my weekly cooking just to cut down my overall intake of carbs and meat. Two weeks into it and I feel good!

So for yesterday’s day out with the husband, I suggested that we go for a vegan burger at The Grandstand since I saw VeganBurg there the last time and was quite fascinated with the menu. He didn’t look too keen but was willing to give it a try anyway.

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VeganBurg is the world’s first vegan burger fast food joint. Currently it is only available in Singapore but people in Los Angeles could soon enjoy its burgers when it hits the US shores this October. Something to look forward to for those residing in LA!

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It’s a fast food revolution. Burgers are no longer junk food here!

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The interior has a vintage-inspired, modern industrial style decor

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This section of the restaurant is reserved for parties and events

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Menu is not huge but has some interesting burger options and sides

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I like that they make paper bags available for customers so we can just pack whatever we can’t finish to go

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That’s what the tables are made from

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Warning – there is a protruding screw underneath every table. My husband got a bad scratch on his thigh when he moved his legs. I highlighted this dangerous hazard to the restaurant who then said they would take action to rectify the problem. I’m not sure what has been done to date but just be extremely careful if you’re dining there.

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Every set meal comes with a chiller which you can choose from three flavours – Miami Peach, Citron Cooler and Lemon Loco or you can purchase at $2.80 each separately. These are just like syrup flavoured drinks which are a little sweet for my liking.

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When the beeper goes off, you’d have to collect your food from the counter that’s served in mess tins

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Handmade Spinach Pops $3.90

These are little balls of mashed potato and spinach, deep fried to a lovely golden brown colour. The exterior is hot and crispy while the middle is moist and fluffy. Absolutely delicious! The oil these are fried in is fresh so there is no old oil smell at all plus these balls don’t feel greasy too. I like the topping of alfalfa sprouts that has a nice crunch to it. Two thumbs up!

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Seaweed Fries

Hot and crispy fries sprinkled with 100% organic seaweed flakes. Somehow I can’t taste much seaweed flavour in this (or perhaps there’s too little flakes?) but I do like that these fries are not salty, soggy or greasy.

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Creamy Shrooms ($7.90 for burger only or $11.80 for set meal)

Similar to a Mushroom Swiss, this burger consists of a crispy-fried vegan patty topped with fresh button mushrooms and a dairy-free cream sauce, peppers and lettuce in an organic whole wheat ciabatta bun. It claims to be rich in copper (to keep nerves, blood vessels, immune system and bones healthy) and potassium (to help maintain blood pressure and aid digestion). There’s no reason not to eat this. It just looks and tastes so wholesome and nutritious.

Though the patty is made of soy and mushrooms, it does have an interesting, firm bite to it. The patty itself doesn’t have much seasoning. In fact, the creamy sauce doesn’t have much flavour too. Overall, this burger is quite bland but the good thing is that you can taste the freshness and original flavours of the ingredients. I like the bun best as it is soft and moist.

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Char-Grilled Satay ($6.90 for burger only or $10.80 for set meal)

This burger is supposed to be high in anti-oxidants and it consists of a char-grilled vegan patty with satay sauce, lettuce and onions and is a complete opposite of the Creamy Shrooms as this sauce is very rich, nutty and flavoursome with spices. The only thing that I don’t enjoy is the pungent, raw onion that kind of spoil the entire burger for me but overall, I still prefer this burger to the shrooms one because of the satay sauce. Also, as the patty is grilled here instead of fried, it tastes more moist and juicy.

Overall, I think VeganBurg is worth a try every now and then as the prices are not cheap for non-meat fast food. The husband says the burgers taste similar in terms of flavour and texture and that they are too soft for his liking and do not satisfy his burger craving. He’s carnivorous, that’s why. Of course, I still like my cheese burgers and fillet-o-fish too but for a healthy change, I am happy with this guilt-free indulgence.

VeganBurg @ The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road #01-32
Tel: 6462 1281
Opening hours:
11.45am to 9.45pm (Mon-Fri)
10.30am to 10.00pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

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