Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

I never figured why people often stood a long queue outside this restaurant and I didn’t even fancy joining the crowd until one of my hotel contacts greatly recommended it to me (saying that it’s “modern Japanese” with exquisite sushi dishes) so when my husband and I were looking for a dinner venue at Junction 8, we decided to just go for it and see what’s all the rave about.
Clockwise from top left: Caesars Salad ($8.80), Sushi

Splendour ($13.80), Mentai Cheese Tofu ($7.80)

Having caesar salad at a Jap restaurant wasn’t exactly what I was into but looking at their salad menu, I probably chose the best among the rest. It was a pretty standard salad. Nothing great about it.

When the Sushi Splendour arrived at our table, my first reaction was, “Why this doesn’t look like the menu pic?” It looked totally unappetizing. There were 2 slices salmon, 2 scallop and 2 prawn. Taste was not too bad but I didn’t think it was worth the price.

Mentai Cheese Tofu was simply tofu baked with cheese and cod roe. The tofu tasted like processed food but I did like the mentai bit.
Clockwise from top left: Crispy Potato ($5.80), Sashimi Morloka Reimen ($13.80), Kani & Hotate Cream Croquette ($7.80), Hiroshimafu Okonomiyaki ($9.80)

Crispy Potato simply meant french fries. It reminded me of the seaweed shaker fries from McDonald’s. Really tasted exactly the same. My suspicion was further aroused as Mac was just located opposite the restaurant. Funny thing was, I actually enjoyed the fries that came piping hot and crispy.

The Sashimi Morloka Reimen was served cold with assorted sashimi. The broth was not great but I loved the sashimi pieces that were sweet and fresh.

Kani & Hotate Cream Croquette was quite good. I could taste the hot and creamy crab meat (or rather crab stick meat) and scallop on the inside with a crisp on the outside. Quite addictive.

The Hiroshimafu Oko contains sliced pork and noodles. Unfortunately, the oko sauce failed to impress and made the whole dish boring.

Overall, we didn’t really enjoy dinner (cost $79.60 for 2 pax) as much as we normally do at Sushi Tei or Ichiban Sushi so it’s very unlikely we will return again.

Watami Japanese Restaurant
9 Bishan Place, #01-33
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Tel: 6258 3577
Opens: 11.30am to 11.00pm daily

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