What to buy from Daiso – more kitchen stuffs & household items!

Woohoo! It’s always a joy to shop at Daiso so I can embrace a huge array of colourful and cute-looking kitchen tools and accessories that I just can’t have enough in my kitchen. The husband had recently commented that our house was looking a little cluttered, oops.

Daiso really reminds me of the similar pound shops in UK that I’d go even more gaga when I’m there so besides visiting the family, going to Poundland or Poundshop to dig for deals is my next biggest highlight to look forward to. Think non-stick baking tins, books, DVDs, groceries, etc going for £1 (approx. S$2.11) each and they are all good quality ones. ABSOLUTELY A STEAL! OK, so if you’re heading to UK anytime soon, you know where to check out for cheap and good stuffs. And don’t forget to go Tesco late at night to hunt for bargains on fresh produce —> the husband’s favourite thing to do. That’s why I married him, lol.

Sorry for digressing – I got carried away again!

Back to my Daiso’s buys and finds:

Oil-absorbing cooking paper (2 sizes), salt jar, tartar picks, tongue cleaners, lingerie clothes pins

oil-absorbing cooking paper (2 sizes), salt jar, tartar picks, tongue cleaners, lingerie clothes pins

IMGP2100 (800x600)

I had to buy this salt jar because it looked too cute on the shelf! Anyway, my existing one needed replacing so perfect!

IMGP2105 (800x600)

I’ve been using these non-grooved clothes pins for the longest time since before I got married. My mum had recommended them to me as they won’t create marks on clothes when they are hung up on hangers. Extremely useful for lingerie and undergarments and clothing made of silk, chiffon or similarly ‘fragile’ material.

IMGP2108 (800x600)

My best friends in the kitchen. I do use normal kitchen towels that I usually buy from supermarkets but those kitchen towels are often fibrous so I’d rather not put food right on top. So what I do whenever I pan-fry or deep-fry something is to drain over 2-3 sheets of these cooking papers (very effective in oil absorption) with additional layers of normal kitchen towels underneath if need be.

IMGP2112 (800x600)

steaming cloth, soba noodles, peeler and floral pouch

This steaming cloth is absolutely handy! Especially when I need to steam sticky stuffs like ang ku kueh or buns, the skin would not stick to the steamer or dish and hence makes it a breeze to clean up. It’s also very easy to wash the cloth. Just use some warm water to rinse it (I don’t use soap) and then hang over a hanger to dry.

A packet of 4 bundles of soba noodles (serves 4 persons) at $2.00 is probably the cheapest you can find in Singapore as compared to the ones from NTUC that cost double. Taste and texture wise, they are the same.

I got the peeler to replace my current rusty one. Haven’t tried it out though so not sure how sharp the blades are.

The floral pouch is a good sized cover for my Pentax vintage camera as it has a layer of sponge beneath the fabric.

Everything featured here is priced at $2.00 each. Daiso outlets are located at Vivocity, IMM, Plaza Singapura, ION Orchard, Tampines 1, Rivervale Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Chinatown Point, City Square Mall and Parkway Parade. For location address, please visit the Daiso website.

Happy shopping, folks!


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