Wheeler’s Yard @ Lorong Ampas

Wheeler's Yard 0A

Finally finally, I’m here at Wheeler’s Yard. Probably one of the hottest and hippiest cafes in Singapore where cafe goers will come for their selfies and #OOTD shots. Come on, just look at the number of pictures posted on instagram and see if you spot that famous structure that is so sought after.

Wheeler's Yard 0B

And it’s none other than this retro style blue iron gate! In order to take this shot, I probably waited for countless couples and groups of friends to finish with their posing, lol.

Wheeler's Yard 0C

The name Wheeler’s Yard pretty much gave it away that this warehouse-like building should be related to bikes & the like. And indeed, I was just fascinated with the pretty displays of bicycles. So many photo spots around.

Wheeler's Yard 0E

There was even a bicycle shop with an assortment of bicycles (for both adults and children) and biking accessories for sale.

Wheeler's Yard 0F

The kids’ bikes were pretty cool! Loved the middle one in tiffany blue, lol.

Wheeler's Yard 0G

There were outdoor seating space as well but no one was making use of it as it was such a hot and sweaty day.

Wheeler's Yard 0H

Wheeler's Yard 0I

Wheeler's Yard 0D

And here was the entrance to the air-conditioned space of the cafe. Someone at the door would lead you to available seating inside so you need not scout around for a table.

Wheeler's Yard 0J

I was ushered to a corner seat of a huge communal table. And yes, be prepared to share table with other patrons. That’s just how it works.

The first thing that came to my mind when I entered the cafe was how crowded and noisy the place was. While I liked its industrial design with high ceiling that was visually appealing and had a very spacious feel, it also created excessive echo as the space was filled with so many people (talking). Not an ideal place for those who are looking for a more private and cosy cafe for some heart to heart talk or if you need to work on your laptop (there’s free wifi) in peace. But the atmosphere is great for general catching up with friends.

The husband had mentioned to me before that when he was here previously on a weekday, it was quiet and conducive for work discussions with colleagues. Weekend was obviously the complete opposite.

Here’s a quick look at the whole menu (click to enlarge):

Wheeler's Yard Menu 1

Wheeler's Yard Menu 2

Wheeler's Yard Menu 3

Wheeler's Yard Menu 4

Wheeler's Yard Menu 5

Wheeler's Yard 1

Time to indulge in some desserts! I didn’t order any savouries since I had lunch elsewhere before coming here.

Wheeler's Yard 2

Initially I kinda regretted my choice of drink as I thought it’d just be another sweet soda that I’d probably not finish. To my surprise, this Healthy Thirst Cranberry & Hibiscus Sparkling Drink ($4.90) wasn’t sweet at all because it didn’t contain any added sugar. Cold and refreshing with a nice touch of cranberry flavour. A welcoming cooler for the hot weather.

Wheeler's Yard 3

The Horlicks Tart ($7.90) looked decadent at first sight. When I took my first bite, there was a very strong floury taste as though the crust wasn’t cooked long enough or there was just too much flour in the batter. But as I devoured the tart, that weird taste that lingered on the tongue in the beginning gradually diminished to my relief.

Wheeler's Yard 4

The filling was a horlicks and white chocolate ganache which was a gooey form of concentrated horlicks. The crust which had cornflakes in it wasn’t crumbly like a standard tart crust but it had the texture of a biscuit. I liked the topping of horlicks powder. Overall, it was quite a pleasant tart.

Wheeler's Yard 5

Seriously, I shouldn’t have ordered two tarts because by the time I finished the first one, this Soursop Meringue Tart ($7.50) was starting to get a little sickly for me as both tarts had the same type of crust.

The soursop curd filling was extremely sour & tangy and also excessively sweet. I had to give up after a few mouthfuls. Not quite my cup of tea.

Perhaps I made the wrong choice of desserts that didn’t quite blow me away. Prices wise, they weren’t the cheapest but they were NETT as there wasn’t any GST or service charge. Wheeler’s Yard is still worth a visit just for the experience if you haven’t been here because it’s different from other cafes. I’d probably come by again on a weekday and try some of its savouries instead.

Wheeler’s Yard
28 Lor Ampas
Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128
Website: http://www.wheelersyard.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wheelersyard
Opening hours:
10.30am to 10.00pm (Tue-Thu)
10.30am to 11.00pm (Fri-Sat)
10.30am to 10.00pm (Sun)
Closed on Mondays

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