Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading @ Fortune Centre

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I was at Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading earlier as I wanted to grab some vegan mayo and I thought of buying their ‘eggless’ egg tarts for the husband to try but too bad they were not available.

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I saw these vegetarian cream puffs which looked pretty decent so I got one box to try out.

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Looked like standard cream puffs except they were dairy-free and eggless.

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My first time trying a vegetarian cream puff. It wasn’t like WOW but I still liked it a lot. The filling was light and fluffy like whipped cream and tasted like any other normal cream but wasn’t overly sweetened or cloying. The puff pastry was soft and moist but not soggy, exactly the way I like my cream puff to be. Not bad actually. Now I’m interested to try their other snacks too like kueh lapis and pineapple tarts!

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And I was so happy to find these purple sweet potato chips here too. Since trying the cassava chips that I bought from Sunny Choice previously, I had wanted to try these sweet potato ones. And over here, it’s sold at $2.50 per pack which is 50 cents cheaper than Sunny Choice’s.

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Besides its lovely purple colour, I love its lightness and airiness like those of prawn or fish crackers. Naturally sweet tasting and sooooooooo addictive! I love!

Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading
190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre #01-25
Tel: 6338 3456
Opening hours:
9.30am – 7.00pm (Mon-Sat), 12.00pm to 5.00pm (Sun & PH)

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