[CLOSED] Zhou’s Kitchen 周庄 @ Square 2

I felt absolutely gutted that I didn’t get a last chance to dine at Zhou’s Kitchen before it made its exit from Singapore last week. I’m sure my mother would be equally disappointed too because we had enjoyed their value-for-money weekday high tea buffets in the past whenever we had to go TTSH for her medical appointments. Some sensational dishes are definitely worth remembering.

At S$13.80 per adult for the weekday high tea buffet, we got to enjoy 30 items on the menu ranging from hot/cold appetizers, signature dishes, dim sum, soup, rice/noodle dishes and desserts.

Zhou's Kitchen 周庄 @ Square 2

The must-orders included our ‘famous four’ – deep-fried beancurd with salted pepper, drunken chicken with spicy garlic sauce, sliced boiled pork with garlic sauce and crispy fish skin with spiced powder. The fish skin was just out of this world, so light and crispy and well seasoned with their special spices. I could easily indulge in 2-3 plates at one time. The beancurd was also fried to perfection, so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Zhou's Kitchen 周庄 @ Square 2

While Zhou’s Kitchen also served the usual array of dim sum items, they didn’t impress as much as the appetizers or all-time favourites did. But again, at such a reasonable price, who would complain?

Hopefully one day Zhou’s Kitchen will be revived at a better location (= more business) for a higher chance of survival. Farewell, my favourite fish skin. I will miss you.

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