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Sandwich & Bread

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

I love using tortillas or chapatis as pizza bases. They are thin and hence crisp up in the oven really quick. That saves a lot of time – perfect when you need a quick supper fix at night. Normally, I prefer to make my own pizza sauce (click on the link for recipe) but on […]

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Chapati Recipe (served with Curry Chicken)

I finally made my own chapatis (successfully)! Before this, I was still using those frozen chapatis from the supermarket for convenience. They were tasty but they contained preservatives which I didn’t really like. Actually it wasn’t really difficult to make chapatis from scratch. My first two attempts didn’t turn out well because I didn’t knead […]

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Fish & Shrimp Burger Recipe (with guacamole)

McDonalds’s Ebi Burger will be back in a few days’ time! Woohoo! That’s one of my favourite special burgers from MCD that’s only available for a limited time every year. Anyway, I drew inspiration from the Ebi Burger to create this recipe which I can then enjoy it whenever I have a craving for a […]

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Prawn Rolls Recipe (Faux Lobster Rolls)

This is what I call the Poor Man’s Lobster Roll, lol. Most of you are probably not unfamiliar with lobster rolls because they are one of the ‘in’ things to eat in Singapore. But the costs can be really expensive and you probably don’t even get a lot of lobster meat for what you pay. […]

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5-Ingredient Nutty Breadsticks Recipe

An upgraded version of my Cinnamon Sugar Breadsticks because I added ground almonds this time. This is just incredibly quick and easy to make and it’s just another excellent way to use up day old bread. As usual I don’t like to go crazy with butter or sugar in my recipes but if you like […]

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Spicy Prawn and Avocado Sandwich Recipe

I made a Low Fat Portobello Mushroom Soup for lunch and thought I should also make some open sandwiches with that freshly baked rye loaf that I bought. This Spicy Prawn and Avocado Sandwich is really easy to assemble with minimal cooking required. I chose to quickly blanch the prawns in boiling water just to […]

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