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Spicy Chicken Apple Sausage Recipe

Been about 3 weeks now and I think my post-op recovery is going well so far. The swell (sometimes causes slight breathing difficulty but not a big deal) and pain are still there but I can easily move around and get out of the house now. Haven’t been doing any cooking so far (can’t lift […]

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Kimchi Chicken Meatball Wrap Recipe

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of quirky cooking ideas popping into my head every now and then. Perhaps it’s because I’m exposed to so many different cuisines all the time that when I’m doing meal planning, I would tend to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that into my […]

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Steamed Cheeseburger Recipe

I’m crazy about homemade burgers recently. Maybe because I haven’t had fast food for a long time (more than a year?) when I used to eat at McDonald’s 1-2 times per week (my diet and lifestyle were so unhealthy then). Every now and then, I would still get that craving for junk food and in […]

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Chicken Tofu Burger Recipe with Kimchi

One of my recent food inventions was this Chicken Tofu Burger topped with crunchy, sweet & sour cabbage kimchi. Had been making a lot of burgers recently cos’ the husband and I got hooked onto this Korean drama (Jang Bo-ri is Here!) on Channel U hence we would eat our dinner in front of the […]

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Mushroom Quesadilla Recipe

Quesadillas make lovely savoury tea-time snacks or even as a meal on their own without being heavily loaded with carbs like a thick pizza crust or sandwich bread. While I always enjoy combinations of ham & cheese and bacon & chicken for my quesadillas, I thought I’d make a meatless one this time. What could […]

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French Toast with Caramelised Bananas Recipe

I had been craving for a banana french toast since having one at Flock Cafe ages ago and decided I should just make it at home. Needless to say, this is now one of my favourite breakfast recipes ๐Ÿ™‚ I must admit, this isn’t healthy fare because of the use of butter but to reduce […]

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Tarragon Chicken Burger Recipe

Burgers aren’t always bad and high in calories, especially not when you make your own. I used to eat a lot of fast food before I started cooking (once or twice every weekend – yeah I know, my diet was just so sinfully unhealthy!) and that was why my waistline kept expanding. Now that I’ve […]

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Full English Breakfast Recipe

A stay-in Sunday often means we need to start off the day with a feast fit for a king that can fuel us through the morning. And what’s better than a hearty brunch of a full English breakfast? Different colours, different textures, different flavours all on one plate that somehow still manage to gel together […]

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Guacamole & Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipe

I got these gorgeous spinach and tomato tortilla wraps from Melvados that came in a bigger size of 30cm diameter and decided to make some chicken wraps for dinner. Couldn’t resist buying a few bags of our favourite Kettle chips (honey dijon & jalapeรฑo are yum!) too to eat with the guacamole I made. I […]

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Ham & Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

What do pizzas, cheese burgers, lasagne, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese steak and nachos fries (oh boy, the list just goes on doesn’t it?) have in common? Yes, they are all CHEESY foods. If I’d name an ingredient which I think would be the world’s best invention, I’d have to say it’s cheese. It’s […]

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Poached Egg on Rye Toast with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Eggs Benedict has got to be one of my top favourite brunch items. Think light & fluffy sourdough English muffins, crispy bacon, poached eggs with runny yolks and a generous drizzle of Hollandaise sauce all on one plate. What could be better than this? Iย swooned overย the Eggs Benny from Spruce @ Phoenix Parkย which I thought […]

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Making a Rich and Creamy Cheese Sauce for a Cheesesteak Sandwich Recipe

A rich and creamy cheese sauce cascading down a mountain of tender, juicy sliced beef is such a tantalisingย sight and that’s exactly what makes a cheesesteak sandwich lookย so scrumptiously mouth-watering. It’s alsoย not difficult to make it. I have a big bag of cheddar cheese in the freezer waiting to be used up so when the […]

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Grilled Chicken Banh Mi Recipe

I’m a big fan of banh mi which is a Vietnamese-style sandwich with ingredients encased inย a light and airy baguette and I think NamNam Noodle Bar in Singapore serves up some really decent ones that are not only tasty but very wallet friendly too. A typical banh mi is filled with either grilled pork or […]

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Healthy Chickpea & Tofu Sandwich

It was my designated ‘vegetarian day’ and I was supposed to make a vegetarian sandwich for lunch but I was naughty and I cheated with a slice of shaved ham because it was available in the fridge, lol. But come to think of it, even without the ham, the sandwich would have tasted good too […]

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Easy Hummus Recipe

I was first exposed to Middle Eastern & Egyptian cuisine nine years ago when an ex-colleague brought me to Altazzag at Haji Lane where I had one of the best hummus served with freshly-baked pita bread. From then, I fell in love with the exotic flavours of the Near East. I’d been regularly making this […]

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A Homemade Full English Breakfast

I normally don’t eat breakfast but when I do, I eat like a king. And I can never resist a full English breakfast because I love variety. I love eating different things, enjoy different flavours, appreciate different textures all in one meal. For this breakfast, my husband joined me in the kitchen to prepare sauteed […]

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