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How to get to AEON Tebrau City by bus? – Johor Bahru Shuttle Bus Guide

The husband and I chose a Saturday (wrong move because it took us more than 3 hours to clear immigration and to get across a heavily congested causeway!) to come into JB for a day out as we wanted to shop and watch movie at AEON Tebrau City (formerly known as Jusco).

One good reason for coming all the way to JB to watch movies was of course due to the Singapore dollar staying strong against the Malaysian ringgit so shopping or dining there was a real bargain. Besides that, what I really like about going to AEON Tebrau City is that the TGV Cinema has comfy seats and better popcorn compared to the Cathay @ City Square or MBO @ KSL City. The mall is huge and spacious but not as crowded as the other shopping centres so it’s so much nicer to walk around. The AEON supermarket there sells a wide variety of hot snacks and light bites (their fried calamari is bagus!) that we can ‘smuggle’ into the cinema, lol. There is also a huge Tesco hypermarket (almost like a little mall on its own with various independent shops and eateries in the same building) just opposite AEON too and that’s where I love to go to stock up on my various spices and condiments that I often use in my cooking because it carries better selections of imported brands than other supermarkets there which focus more on local products.

On previous occasions, we would take the taxi from City Square to AEON Tebrau City which would cost about RM20-25 per way depending on traffic conditions. And if the driver didn’t go by the highway (intentionally or unintentionally), we would sometimes get stuck in traffic for about 40 minutes which was so not worth it.

How to get to AEON Tebrau City by bus?

Now, there’s no reason to fret as there is a new shuttle bus service that takes us from JB Sentral to AEON Tebrau City in just 20 minutes at an affordable fee of RM2.50 per person per way.

How to get to AEON Tebrau City by bus?

If you want to know how to get to the JB Sentral bus terminal once you clear the Malaysian immigration, read my previous post <How to get to KSL City by bus?>.

How to get to AEON Tebrau City by bus?

At the bus terminal, look out for this red-white Trans Iskandar Bus BeXTRA6 or BET6 which is a bus service by Causeway Link group.

The bus route is as follows:

JB Sentral <-> Pandan City <-> AEON Tebrau City <-> Taman Mount Austin <-> Setia Indah

BET6 travels via the EDL highway so the journey is quick, smooth and almost congestion-free. So far, we have had good experience with the bus service and there was this Chinese-man bus captain who was very friendly and chatty like a tour guide as he introduced JB in depth to us like we had never been there before, lol. But hey, it’s always good to chat with a local because he shared with us some best kept secrets of JB, haha 😉

The drop off point at AEON Tebrau City is along the main road (where the carpark entrance is) just outside AEON as the driver explained the bus was not able to drive directly into AEON yet because of the current upgrading works of the carpark and also their bus company had not officially received the approval from AEON management to do so. If you’ve never been to AEON, just ask the driver to notify you when the bus has reached so you know when to alight.

As for the return trip from AEON Tebrau City to JB Sentral, the pick up point can be a little dodgy because it’s located right under a flyover along the main road, Persiaran Bandar Desa Tebrau just outside AEON (diagonally opposite the drop off point on the other side of the road).

I’m using street view images from Google maps to detail where the pick up point is:

bet6 1

From the exit next to AEON supermarket on ground level, turn right and walk all the way towards the main road where the carpark entrance is. (This is also the same drop off point as mentioned earlier) Do note the current carpark is undergoing upgrading works so there may be barricades around.

bet6 2

Cross the road to the other side where the flyover is.

bet6 3

Waiting point is as indicated above.

I suggest that if you’re taking bus back to JB Sentral, please do so before 7pm while there is still some daylight because the pick up point can be dark and unsafe as there is a large piece of abandoned land just behind with no proper street lights. I would not recommend solo travellers to take the bus unless there are already some people there waiting for the same bus. We waited for quite some time and it was almost turning dark after 7pm but we were joined by another Singaporean family so it wasn’t too bad as we had company. Just remember to flag down the bus when you see it coming, otherwise the bus wouldn’t stop for you. Travel time back to JB Sentral is about 20 minutes too as the bus travels the same route back.

Ok folks, this is it. Just a friendly reminder to be vigilant at all times and safe travels!


  • Antony says:

    Hi Geri,
    I am from Jakarta, Indonesia, sorry for my poor English grammar 🙂

    my plan is : buy OSIM massage portable chair (OSIM uCaress 3D) at AEON Tebrau Johor Bahru , and bring it to Jakarta, Indonesia my home land via Singapore , because my Hotel stay is in Singapore at Bugis.

    Q : is it OK for Customs Clearance / immigration at JB to Singapore and Singapore to Jakarta for bringing OSIM portable massage chair (OSIM uCaress 3D) ?

    Thanks anyway,

  • jalee says:


    Any idea on how to go from JB sentral to AEON Kulaijaya and Bukit Indah cinemas?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Nope, Bukit Indah is my next to explore destination – shall do a shuttle bus review again when I go in JB next time 🙂

      • jalee says:


        I’d like to explore Bukit Indah (also under AEON, i think ) cinemas also … but i think it’s quite far away from JB CIQ ?

        Will wait for your review 🙂

        • Geri Tan says:

          There are buses from Jurong East/Boon Lay (CW3 and CW6) that go to AEON Bukit Indah and the Tesco/Giant near it if you intend to go anytime soon. There may not be any direct CWL bus from JB Sentral – all I heard of are their local bus companies which I’m not sure if they still go there. No guarantee I’ll be heading to Bukit Indah (depends on how convenient it is to get there) but if I do, I will definitely share the bus route. Cheers.

  • JA says:


    I just went to Tebrau City … but I took a bus by another bus company (City Bus) .. and I alighted some distance after I saw AEON BIG , seems like another shopping mall … I walked a bit and reached Tebrau City … after watching a movie, I went out the of the shopping mall and went to the pick up point to wait for BET 6 bus as mentioned in your blog…

    Then I met another guy who mentioned that I can walk further down the road and take other buses going to JB Sentral… so off I went and I reached this bus stop that is also under this flyover… I took the first bus that came along (BET 2) and I reached JB Sentral in 20 minutes..

    So, I think there are a few buses that goes to Tebrau CIty but they reach from different directions…

    I intend to visit Tebrau again to take more time and shop around.. til next time 🙂

  • jalee says:

    I went Skudai Parade mall today …

    I took bus BET 6 (I think so) and the bus dropped me off at a bus stop opposite Skudai Parade Mall. Then, I crossed the overhead bridge to reach the mall.

    There are 6 levels in the mall … most of the shops in the top 2 levels have closed …very few people there… seems very quiet..

    There is roller blading, billiards, KTV, bowling and cinema (Ticket prices for English movies seem the cheapest that I know so far .. RM 14) Also has Macdonald’s and KFC.

    There is a bus stop just outside the mall near the overhead bridge to return to JB Sentral.

  • JA says:

    I also went Plaza Pelangi mall last weekend.. this mall is quite close to JB Sentral.

    I took bus 227 (I think so) and the bus dropped me off at a bus stop opposite Plaza Pelangi mall. I crossed the overhead bridge and reached the mall.

    There are 3 levels in the mall. There is a Macdonald’s restaurant there and some shops.

    I have to wait under the overhead bridge for the bus back to JB Sentral.

  • kate toh says:

    hi this kate but a question u say take the same bus But do know where do take the bus for? for Aeon terbau city

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hello Kate, please refer to this blog post again. I have detailed all useful info on the to and fro trips including pick up points. Safe travels and have fun in JB!

  • JA says:

    I visited Angsana Mall from JB Sentral over the last weekend…

    I looked at the destinations on the signboard of the buses … then i saw “Angsana” , so I went up the bus and asked the driver … he said he goes there .. so i went to get a seat . then i asked another chinese man where to alight … after travelling for about 20 minutes or so, when the bus was going up this flyover , the man pressed the bell for me .. the bus dropped me off at this bus stop where i need to cross the overhead bridge and I reached GIANT superstore instead .. i went in to walk around, then i walked a bit down and I reached Angsana Mall.. it has 3 levels … selling mostly Muslim clothing …

    Then I walked out of Angsana Mall and walked under the flyover to reach a bus stop near to GIANT and crossed that same overhead bridge earlier to return to the same bus stop the bus dropped me off earlier … I waited for bus 221 and the bus dropped me off on a road that is beside JUSCO , on the opposited side.

    JUSCO Bukit Indah seems to be regularly visited by many Singaporeans who would drive here to buy groceries (about 30% cheaper).

    I walked out and waited for bus 221 on the opposite side of the road from where I alighted, and it reached JB Sentral in about 45 minutes.

  • JA says:

    I visited AEON Kulaijaya last weekend..

    I took bus 777B ( I think so) after asking the driver… He said the bus does not go directly to the mall… so it dropped me on the main road at a bus stop outside Hospital Temenggong. I had to walk about 5 minutes up the road, turn left and I could see the mall already…

    When returning, I simply walked back to the bus stop , crossed the road to the opposite bus stop to take the bus back to JB Sentral.

    • JA says:

      AEON Kulaijaya, like other AEON malls, has a cinema and other F & B outlets. I watched ” Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation” there and left at about 8pm.

  • JA says:

    I visited Sutera Mall today … I took the bus 1B from JB Sentral. The bus does not go there directly, so it dropped me at the main road .. where there is a sign “Sutera Utama” and a sign “Sutera Mall”… the direction points to another road turning left, so I had to walk about 10 minutes by the side of this road and i saw the mall. it has 3 levels, no cinema.. some F & B outlets. It is not an AEON mall… but it has a library on level 4.. however, you have to pay membership fees if you wish to borrow its books and materials.

    After a few hours, I left the mall and I decided to explore the surrounding area. i saw a food court after walking around and I ordered a plate of “Smoke Meat noodles” YUM! The noodles (RM 5 – small) tasted great! I also wanted to buy this Claypot chicken rice (RM 8 – small) to try it but I was full.. haha.. Then, I walked back to where the bus dropped me off… I wanted to take a bus to visit JUSCO Tebrau city which is just up the road , but it was getting late, I decided to go back home instead, So I crossed the road and took a bus back to JB Sentral. Perhaps I will return another time…

  • JA says:

    I visited IOI mall today … I took bus BET 1 from JB Sentral and after 45 min the bus dropped me off at the bus stop outside Hospital Temenggong , the same bus stop that I got off before I walked to AEON Kulaijaya two days ago … but this time , I need to cross the road and walk by the side of the road towards the flyover ahead and then turn right and continue walking for a total of about 10 minutes… then I saw IOI mall …

    There are only 2 levels in IOI mall .. it is not run by AEON. But it has a cinema .. I watched ” Fantastic Four” at the LFS (Lotus Five Star) cinemas for RM 14.

    After watching the movie, I went to eat fried chicken at Marry Brown’s fast food outlet there .. YUM! Better than KFC I think ..

    Then , I walked all the way back to the bus stop opposite the bus stop outside Hospital Temenggong and took a bus back to JB Sentral.

    • JA says:

      Forgot to mention, the only direct bus from JB Sentral to IOI mall is JPO 1 but this bus has specific timings .. other buses do not go there directly..

  • JA says:

    I visited “Plaza Sentosa” today. After looking at the destination and asking the driver, I took the bus and after about 20 minutes, alighted at the bus stop before a overhead bridge (it is one bus stop after the bus stop opposite Plaza Pelangi)

    I crossed the overhead bridge and walked into the shophouses area.. then I saw Plaza Sentosa. It has 4 levels.. but only level 1 has most shops open, .. the shops at the higher levels all are closed… also, there is quite a bit of renovation going on …

    However there is a department store called “The Store” and a food court there 🙂

    After walking around the place, I went back to the overhead bridge and took a bus back to JB Sentral terminal.

    I walked over to a row of shophouses where “Shang Ji restaurant” is located and ate a bowl of beef noodles.

    Then, I walked back to JB Sentral and took a bus to “The Zon” which sells duty-free goods. It is also known as “Berjaya Waterfront”. The bus only took about 10 minutes to reach there. The situation is the same… only the first level shops are open, the shops on the higher levels (There are 4 levels) are all closed. There is a hotel there and some pubs that open at night I suppose.

    After a short walk around, I took a bus back to JB Sentral.

  • JA says:

    HI Geri,

    I wonder if there are any more malls to visit in JB ?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi JA, I’m not the right person to approach about this as I only visit specific malls in JB once in a while. Anyway you might have covered most if not all of them based on what you have shared here so far 🙂

  • JA says:

    I visited “U Mall” yesterday … I think there is a direct bus (BET 3?) but I took another bus instead from JB Sentral and it dropped me at the bus stop opposite JUSCO at Taman Universiti. From there, I crossed the overhead bridge and turned right ,kept walking for about 10 minutes and I reached U Mall. It is not run by AEON, but it does have a cinema. So, I watched “The man from U.N.C.L.E.”

    After that, I walked out of the mall to a nearby coffeeshop and had my dinner before walking back to JUSCO and taking a bus back to JB Sentral.

    • Ice_cougar says:

      Wow u went to U Mall? It’s far in Taman University. I also watch the movies there n its MBO cinemas like the 1 at KSL City. Cheap tickets from as low as rm9.43 per pax.

  • Christine says:

    Hi Geri,
    Any ideas if there’s a taxi at Aeon Tebrau or Jusco Tebrau that can bring us (family of 6) back straight to Sg? Probably going to visit JB next month. Thanks in advance for any input given.

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Christine, you would have to pre-arrange a private car/taxi to do so. There are options on Google that you can find more information on. I suggest you go for a SG-registered company that has Malaysian-registered vehicles as I find them more reliable. I’ve not seen any JB-to-SG taxi service provided at the mall and I wouldn’t recommend those touts hanging outside the entrance area too.

  • Flora says:

    Hi Geri,

    Do u know what bus can take from JB Sentral to Mount Austin and where to alight?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Flora, BET6 does go to Taman Mount Austin but it’s better that you check with the bus driver where exactly in Mount Austin you’re heading to then you can let him know to alert you when you’re nearing your destination. Cheers.

  • Hendy says:

    Hai Geri,
    Is there a Hypermarket in Aeon Tebrau City? Is it any good? Lots of variety?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Hendy, yep there’s AEON supermarket at Tebrau City. Space is huge and I would say variety is more than sufficient. There’s also TESCO next door if you need more choices.

    • Ice_cougar says:

      Try Tesco Extra for better shopping experience n free membership. Aeon member need pay annual fee. Points accumulated can be exchanged for coupons which are essentially cash. And they send coupons to your home in sg!!!

  • Susan says:

    I want to vist Austin Heights Adventure theme park. Is it very near from Aeon Tebrau city? From what i see bust Bet6 goes there?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Susan, the theme park is not very far from AEON Tebrau City. You can roughly gauge from google map. And yes, BET6 will take you there but please check with bus driver on exact spot to alight.

      • Vone says:

        Hi Geri

        Do you know what bus can take from JB Sentral to Johor Taman Jaya? Wanna to visit the biggest Pasar malam there. Thanks in advance! ^-^

        • Geri Tan says:

          Hi, I suppose you mean the Tuesday evening pasar malam that’s just behind The Store? If so, you can take Maju 225 from JB Sentral. Just tell the driver to alert you when you’re nearing the stop. Safe travels!

        • Ice_cougar says:

          Is it really the biggest? Have u tried the pasar malam at Taman Ungku Tun aminah on Saturdays? i thought that is the biggest? Lol. It’s near the 777 hawker centre.

  • Andy says:

    Hi Geri ,

    thank for your info as it is very helpful.

    1 thing that i want to ask is is there any pedestrian bridge to walk to opposite pick up point when back ?

    or we need to walk through the main road with many cars?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Andy, nope there is no bridge so you’d have to cross the main road. I think the carpark upgrading works might be ready by now and the bus might be able to go into the AEON compound so just tell the driver to alert you when its time to alight and also confirm where pick up point for return trip is.

      • alt says:

        just to chk, from jb sentral to aeon, the bus will go into the shopping ctr carpark or outside along the road(if carpark is not ready)

        aeon to jb sentral – have to cross the road to the opp side of the shopping centre?


        • Geri Tan says:

          The bus will drop you along the main road outside the carpark. For return trip, please refer to the images above where I’ve indicated the pick up point – yes, you need to cross the road to the opposite side.

          • alt says:

            Thanks for the fast response. Really appreciate it as i am going JB tomorrow.
            Is it very difficult to cross the road? If very heavy traffic, dont think i dare to cross the road:(

          • Geri Tan says:

            No problem. I don’t remember the road being very busy. It’s not a super huge road so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • May says:

    Is the bus service BET6 (Causeway Link bus) still operating as of now (Jan 2017) from JB Sentral to Aeon Mall Tebrau City? Would appreciate your update. Thanks from Spore.

  • SY says:

    I would like to know if the return trip is still the same as that time when you posted? Is it very ulu and dark? There is not proper bus stop right?

    • Yes, it’s the same. IKEA is being built on the piece of land behind the flyover so unless you’re in a group, avoid waiting there by yourself when it’s dark. It’s not ulu because it’s along the busy main road (unless you’re there really late at night and there are less cars) but there will only be street lights when dark. No bus stop.

  • JA says:

    HI Geri,

    It’s been 2 years since I returned to those malls I visited 🙂

    Reason is cos I think there’s not much to see in those malls I feel … as I mentioned many of the floors have no business… perhaps they are undergoing some revamp… after all it’s 2 years ago… maybe I should start visiting them soon again

    • Hello JA, good to hear from you again. 🙂 It’s probably time to revisit the malls now. You may want to include AEON Tebrau City too because it now has a new wing with more retail shops and dining options. JB has caught on a lot of food trends in the last 1-2 years and has many new eateries and food places coming up so I think it’s worth checking them out and see what’s new to try.

  • JA says:

    I particularly like Mary Brown fast food … their fried chicken is YUM! (Maybe better than KFC )

    There is only ONE Mary Brown outlet in Singapore and it’s located in Sentosa island near iFLY…

    For those interested …after I looked at the Mary Brown website , the nearest outlet in JB is located at a Pelangi Leisure mall, which is near Plaza Pelangi mall and KSL

    • I second that. I think it’s better than KFC too but probably on par with Jollibee or Popeye’s. Thanks for sharing the outlet info in JB. Looking forward to seeing your updates when you start visiting the malls. 👍🏼

      • JA says:

        I visited Pelangi Leisure mall today. I had looked at google map to see where the mall is the day before.

        I took a bus (there are a few buses that go there) from JB Sentral and alighted opposite Plaza Pelangi mall. (10 minutes , RM 1.30)
        Then I walked through the nearby landed houses estate followed by a row of shophouses to reach Pelangi Leisure mall.

        The mall has two levels. The first level has Mary Brown outlet and GIANT Hypermart. The second level has a Watson’s shop, a roti prata shop and a tailor shop.

        After having my food at Mary Brown and buying a few things at GIANT, I walked back to Plaza Pelangi mall and took a bus back to JB Sentral.

  • JA says:

    forgot to mention I crossed the overhead bridge after I alighted opposite Plaza Pelangi mall ..

  • TAN BENG KEONG says:

    Hi JA,may i check what was the bus number that goes to Pelangi Leisure mall from JB Sentral? Thanks

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