Enjoying laksa and curry chicken rice @ 328 Katong Laksa, Queensway Shopping Centre

328 Katong Laksa @ Queensway Shopping Centre

My husband and I made a second trip down to Queensway Shopping Centre so he could buy that pair of Nike Dunk Low sneakers he had been eyeing since our last visit. But it was a wasted effort as that model he wanted was no longer in stock and we just couldn’t find it in any other shop there. I knew he was feeling a little disappointed so I treated him to his favourite laksa to cheer him up. At the same time, we also wanted to try the ‘other’ laksa stall (328 Katong Laksa) that was located within the same level as its competitor, Janggut Laksa (#01-59) which I thought was a little overrated because of its longer heritage and history that I shall not dwell into. I tried Janggut Laksa once but didn’t really enjoy it that much. All I remembered was the tremendous amount of oil floating on top of the gravy that wasn’t really worth me blogging about it.

As I am looking up on 328 Katong Laksa now, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover it is the same outlet where I had eaten at United Square a long while back. I was impressed with the laksa gravy then and I’m still impressed with it today.

2013-08-10 16.46.00We ordered the smallest portions of laksa and curry chicken with rice. While the curry chicken was still considered sufficient for one person, the laksa was miserly portioned. In fact, the bowl was only half-filled when it came. Despite that, the taste was still as good as I remembered. The gravy wasn’t overly greasy (didn’t see oil floating on top) and had a good balance of aromatics and coconut milk. it came with a reasonable quantity of prawns and fish cake slices too. The gravy was so tasty, you could just slurp all up with the spoon. That’s how it should be enjoyed anyway!

The curry chicken was worth mentioning too. It reminded me of the curry chicken that my granny used to cook when I was little – Chinese style. Such gravy is more watery so you can drizzle over steamed rice. The potatoes and chicken were very tender too.

Remember to wash down your food with a refreshing cup of freshly made lime juice. Yum.

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