A Christmas Night


Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

I remembered when I was little (probably 5 years old), I found an old Christmas stocking somewhere in the house so I hung it by my bed, hoping for Santa to stop by to fill up my stocking with little surprises. I slept early, told myself not to peep and woke up early the next morning only to find my stocking empty. I cried. Really hard.

When I told my husband this anecdote, he laughed and thought I was silly because “we ought to know there’s no such thing as Santa”. But seriously, would a 5-year-old kid who loved stories of Christmas and Santa Claus understand that? That moment of disappointment was like the world to me. I wasn’t even hoping for the real Santa to come because we lived in a high rise flat and there wasn’t any chimney hole for Santa to squeeze through. All I wanted was probably for the parents to drop in a candy while I was sleeping. Of course, it didn’t happen. I continued to hang up that same old stocking for a couple of years and every Christmas morning, I woke up to find the stocking empty.

Now as a grown-up, I finally came to terms with the fact that Santa in story books doesn’t exist in real life. But if you know of a child who truly believes in it, I’m sure he/she would greatly appreciate a little something in his/her stocking. It’s not how big or expensive the gift has to be, it’s the hope that we can give the child that makes a difference. Spread the Christmas spirit and love, folks.

I wrote this poem to reflect the hopes and anticipation that I had (and still have) for Christmas while growing up. The memories of the rare good times are fading, so quickly that sometimes I’m just so afraid of losing them. The reason why I love Christmas? It reminds me of what a complete family was like before I lost it. The times that truly warmed my heart.

A Christmas Night
by Geri Tan

Peeking out the window
White fleece on the porch
Catching a dark grey shadow
As though I have a torch

Looking up the sky
Snowflakes gently drop
Picking up what’s mine
As though I turn the clock

Sitting by the fire
Feeling warm and nice
Jingles of the choir
Makes my heart turn into ice

Darkness sweeps my head
As I gently close my eyes
Lying right in bed
With the jolly dancing mice

My daily friend awakens
And brightens up the sky
With scrambled eggs and bacon
It makes me wonder why

A miracle seems so right
As I look up to that light
I live my life with might
On this special Christmas night

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