Life Is But A Dream

I drew inspiration from a poem that my childhood friend had written for me two decades ago. To reflect the times when I lost track of where I was heading to during the growing up years. Many times, I really wished life was just a dream so when I wake up the next morning, everything […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: I Wish Upon A Star

I wrote this light-hearted poem for my husband when I first fell in love with him almost a decade ago. Those were the days I always had the warm and fuzzy feeling inside me when thinking of him and my heart always fluttered when he was around me. 9 and 1/2 years of knowing each […]

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A Christmas Night

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I remembered when I was little (probably 5 years old), I found an old Christmas stocking somewhere in the house so I hung it by my bed, hoping for Santa to stop by to fill up my stocking with little surprises. I slept early, told myself not to […]

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