Happy Valentine’s Day: I Wish Upon A Star

I wrote this light-hearted poem for my husband when I first fell in love with him almost a decade ago. Those were the days I always had the warm and fuzzy feeling inside me when thinking of him and my heart always fluttered when he was around me. 9 and 1/2 years of knowing each other, our friendship and relationship have only deepened by the day. We may have aged over the years but our hearts remain young. We play like buddies and we fight like kids. And we never forget to say “I Love You” everyday. A relationship or a marriage doesn’t come easy. Maintaining one is even more challenging. Like what the husband said, “True love only comes once in a lifetime”.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for remembering those we hold dear, be it your partner, family or friend. May love keep blossoming for everyone. Happy Valentine’s, folks!

I Wish Upon A Star
by Geri Tan

Tonight I wish upon a star
To have you with me in my car
To travel miles away and afar
To find a place that’s called ‘Love Bar’
Be with me, be in a jar
Stick with me like hot black tar
Some day we will shout hurrah
Memories will not leave a scar
My precious love, you’re like caviar
Rich in flavour like achar
Let’s sing a song and play guitar
Priceless love is never bizarre

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