A Homemade Full English Breakfast

I normally don’t eat breakfast but when I do, I eat like a king. And I can never resist a full English breakfast because I love variety. I love eating different things, enjoy different flavours, appreciate different textures all in one meal.

For this breakfast, my husband joined me in the kitchen to prepare sauteed fresh button mushrooms, pan-roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs, baked beans, bacon, chicken sausages and fried bread. I prefer to toast my bread and then spread butter, minced garlic and chopped parsley on it. But the husband suggested to fry the bread instead so he spread butter on slices of white bread, heated up a skillet with olive oil and then pan-fried the bread on both sides till brown. I must say, they actually tasted better than standard toast!

A Homemade Full English Breakfast A Homemade Full English Breakfast

With such a hearty breakfast, we didn’t need lunch at all!

If you were to eat this meal at a brunch place, it might cost you a whopping 20 bucks per person so why not get some ingredients from the supermarket and whip up this sumptuous breakfast for you and your family? It’s not just about the food. It’s about connecting with your family over breakfast and it’s also a good time to plan the day ahead with everyone.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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