Alive Museum @ Suntec City – Where Dreams and Fantasies Come to Life

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South Korea’s first and original 3D illusionary entertainment attraction is now in Singapore! If you’re looking for something new and fun to see or do on weekends, this is definitely the place to explore with family or friends 🙂 Just make sure you come with your camera and/or phone all fully charged up as you’d be snapping away lots of pictures. And that was what my husband and I did!

IMGP3303 (800x600)

Alive Museum Singapore is located at Suntec City Mall at Level 3 (#03-372), between Towers 3 and 4.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Category Definition Rate (S$)
Adult 13 yrs and above, including Senior Citizens $25
Child 3 – 12 yrs $20
Child Below 3 yrs FOC
Family Package 2 Adults + 1 Child $60, every additional child at $10
(up to 3 children)
Alive Museum Ticketing counter

Ticketing counter

If you LIKE Alive Museum on their Facebook page, you can redeem for a free meal (choice of a Fish’N Crisp or Chick’N Crisp burger + 1 small fries + 1 small coke) at Burger King Suntec (located just next to the museum) with purchase of a full-priced ticket from now till 30 September 2014.

Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets online to avoid the queue and check in with e-tickets. And if you use the promo code aliveopen at checkout, you can enjoy a 20% discount.

(This blog post contains photos that could be ‘spoilers’ if you haven’t been to the Alive Museum so advance at your own risk, haha!)

IMGP3321 (800x596)

Yes, I was trying to tickle her foot, lol. But I don’t think it was a good attempt.

Walking into the museum was like stepping into an art gallery with various paintings and drawings on the walls. As it was our first time visiting an illusionary museum, it took us a while (and many trial shots at every station) to figure out the ideal angles, perspectives and poses for every masterpiece though it was helpful that there were sample shots stuck on the wall so we could refer to them as a guide. Somehow, it didn’t quite work for us in every picture because it still look kind of weird for some so I guessed it really depended if we managed to capture the scene or situation at the right angle. Do note as there were spot lights shining from the top, it was inevitable that white patches would appear in most photos. Pity. Otherwise, the pictures could have looked more realistic.

Despite that, we spent a good 2-hours in the museum laughing at ourselves because of our silly faces and poses which we normally don’t even do. In fact, I was probably the one having more fun than the husband because he wasn’t interested in dramatic posing at all. And yes, to enjoy this museum, you’d need to unleash that drama king or queen in you, be thick-skinned enough to do all kinds of weird poses or moves in front of strangers and not mind lying or sitting down on the floor. And because some of the paintings were so close to one another, you would have to say ‘excuse me’ all the time to people around you so they don’t end up being in the background of your photos. So much going-on, really. What a feat, lol.

"Oh man, so dusty!"

“Oh man, so dusty!”

Alive Museum first opened in South Korea in 2009 and currently has 8 branches in Korea, 3 in China and 1 each in Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. It is the world’s largest chain of art entertainment where 2D art pieces become 3D from certain perspectives through state-of-the-art media, digital technologies and various painting techniques. Over here, not only we can touch and feel the exhibits, we can also be part of the masterpieces!

I shall now let the rest of our pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

Van Gogh's Gaze - his eyes will follow you!

Van Gogh’s Gaze – his eyes will follow you!

"My beloved followers, you may rise..."

“My loyal subjects, you may rise…”

My first and probably last ballet lesson!

My first and probably last ballet lesson!

Getting cosy in mother's arms

Getting cosy in mother’s arms

Eeewww, nice!

Eeewww, nice!

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Alive Museum

Seriously, I had no clue on how to pose for this one, lol

Alive Museum

My pleasure to assist Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa and Queen Elizabeth 🙂

Not a bad way to wash your hair

Fancy washing your hair here?

IMGP3362 (800x600)

This notice was outside the mirror room – my advice is NOT to wear skirts to the museum as it’s difficult to pose properly for some artworks anyway

IMGP3372 (800x600)

The whole room was just made up of mirrors with changing lights – I suggest you get the people outside the room to wait while you take selfies before people just start rushing in like nobody’s business

IMGP3380 (800x656)

The hubby can do the anti-gravity lean too!

Come on people, you know you shouldn't mess with me! Argh!

Don’t mess with me! Argh!

IMGP3392 (600x800)

Sharing an intimate moment with Spidey, lol

Supertree Grove from Gardens by the Bay!

Supertree Grove from Gardens by the Bay! And was that Iron Man?

IMGP3396 (800x600)

I’ll be good, I promise

IMGP3401 (637x800)

I suppose it’s chocolate flavoured? Is it nice, hubby?

IMGP3406 (800x600)

The artistic trio

IMGP3408 (435x800)

Wonder Women, lol

IMGP3411 (600x800)

Help, save me!

IMGP3418 (800x666)

I really want to roll on floor to laugh when I saw this….lol

IMGP3421 (800x600)

Peeking into a bottomless pit

IMGP3424 (800x600)

Just can’t see the end

IMGP3429 (600x800)

Hanging for my life

IMGP3432 (800x528)

Me and my angel wings

IMGP3435 (800x600)

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming an acrobat…

IMGP3445 (800x600)

* suffocated *

IMGP3450 (800x600)

woohoo, I’m on a rapids adventure!

IMGP3456 (800x600)

farewell Hubby

IMGP3464 (597x800)

think I managed to learn a skill or two from Spidey

IMGP3467 (800x600)

Me doing a split, awesome!

IMGP3470 (800x600)

Awww, so romantic 🙂

IMGP3473 (800x600)

IMGP3475 (800x595)

IMGP3478 (800x600)

An intense match

IMGP3484 (800x600)

One of my favourite shots of the day! I’m finally taller than the husband!

IMGP3487 (800x613)

a scene from UP…the view is really not bad from up here…

IMGP3491 (800x600)

IMGP3492 (800x561)

IMGP3497 (800x600)

Did Superman just sweep me off my feet?

IMGP3505 (800x600)

IMGP3508 (800x528)

I hope I’m not too heavy for the bird

IMGP3511 (800x600)

But the husband seems to be having a good time flying with it!

IMGP3514 (800x623)


IMGP3518 (800x606)

And this marks the end of our museum tour. This shot was taken right outside the exit.

Some tips on photo-taking would be to first identify where the Photo Point icons on the ground are (not every art piece has this) so you’d know where to stand to capture the most realistic shots. Also, it is best not to use camera flash. For best results, crop your pictures within the art pieces.

I didn’t include every single shot we took in this blog post as some just didn’t look right but I had probably covered at least 80% of the exhibits so you’d have a good idea now what to expect at the museum. There are about 84 art pieces in the museum now with 9 being Singapore-themed. The museum will also be engaging local communities from various walks of life to create artworks that define Singapore and these artworks will be showcased in the museum by year-end, bringing its total number of art pieces to more than 100.

And if you want to share your snapshots on your social media networks when you’re there, just make use of the free wifi available.

Have fun, folks!

Alive Museum
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-372
Suntec City Mall (between Towers 3 & 4)
Facebook page
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily (last admission at 9.00pm)

PS: Thank you Janet / Rui Long for the invite and thank you Alive Museum for having us. 

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