Annette i tim Tuk Tuk – Fanciful ice cream on a stick

If you are staying near the Pratunam Market area and are thinking of heading to Siam Paragon and the nearby malls for some shopping and eating, check out my earlier post on How to get from Pratunam to Siam Paragon in which I’ve shared this alternative shortcut route without having to go through the skywalk.

Siam Center Bangkok

I don’t really spend a lot of time at the main Siam shopping district when I’m in Bangkok as there are more interesting hipster and pop-up markets to explore. But I don’t mind checking the malls out whenever I’m back in the city just to see if there’s anything new, particularly shops that specialise in stationery, home decor or kitchenware.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

We were at Siam Center for a short break and so we headed towards Food Republic on the 4th floor to get a drink. While there, we came across this cute retro-looking tuk tuk by the name of Annette i tim Tuk Tuk which was actually a kiosk selling ice cream on sticks.

Besides this venue, Annette i tim Tuk Tuk is also located in various places around Bangkok including Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam, Pantip Pratunam, Chatuchak Weekend Market, EmQuartier and Asiatique The Riverfront.

Throughout my one week in Bangkok, I had probably come across Annette i tim Tuk Tuk at least 5-6 times so it will not be difficult to spot one when you’re shopping and eating your way in the city.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

Each stick was priced at 80 baht regardless of flavour.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

These ice cream were just so pretty! Even if you don’t eat ice cream, you’ll probably still feel tempted to buy it just to take photo, haha.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

The idea of eating ‘low fat’ ice cream doesn’t really appeal to me as much. If I’m really that health-conscious, I wouldn’t even be eating ice cream in the first place. Bear in mind, low fat doesn’t equate to low calories or low sugar. Too much of the latter is still not good so always consume sugar in moderation.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

I picked Mint & Chocolate Chips which was a little blemished on the top. I thought it would be artificial-tasting because of the unnatural colour but it turned out better than I expected. The mint ice cream was pretty much like any other regular mint ice cream. Wasn’t too sweet or rich. I liked the exterior which had a crunch when bitten into.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk @ Food Republic, Siam Center

Hubby had the Chocolate & Banana which came in a cute paw shape. Looked good on the outside but tasted weird because the banana flavour was artificial. What a pity.

At 80 baht a stick, it’s definitely considered an expensive treat by local standards. And seriously, except for the appearance, taste-wise, they really don’t impress as much.

Try this only if you’re into photographing pretty food.

Annette i tim Tuk Tuk
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