7 Bedroom Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

When you spend a lot of time with people, you often tend to grow oblivious to the changes in their physical appearance. These changes then get accumulated and eventually appear as quite an evolution. The same is true for spaces as well. Think about your bedside cushions that you haven’t changed in years. Or that wallpaper that’s been peeling since months. Do you think your bedroom design could do with a makeover? If yes, we’ve got a few bedroom ideas to spruce up your sleeping station.

Now, let’s take a look at these 7 bedroom ideas. 😉 

Extreme Bedroom Makeover: 7 Bedroom Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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1. Invest in a Fluffy Mattress

Nothing makes a room look lush like a fluffy, bouncy mattress. In addition to giving your room a cutesy, hotel room vibe, getting a fluffy mattress for your room can also make it 10x more comfortable. So, say goodbye to your old, flattened out bedding and bring home a thick, bouncy mattress.

2. Keep it Illuminated

One thing that can truly make or break the look of your bedroom is lighting. A good bedroom idea is to illuminate all corners of your room and avoid any blind spots in the space. This can be done by introducing multiple lighting sources in the room and illuminating the space according to your room.

3. Light and Bright

Another bedroom idea is to keep your room light and bright. This helps in maintaining a soothing and calming atmosphere in the room and puts you in a good mood as soon as you enter the space. Light, soothing colours like baby blue, powder pink, sunny yellow, and coral peach are all excellent options for bedroom décor.

4. Give it a Personal Touch

You’ll love your bedroom much more if it resonates with your taste and looks like an extension of your personality. And that is to give your space a personal touch by incorporating art, photographs, or posters that reflect your style and individuality and let you feel like you’re surrounded by things you love.

5. Stick to a Theme

Sticking to a décor theme in your bedroom gives your room a coherent look and makes it look much more polished and curated. You can go for a minimalist Scandinavian style, modern industrial look or a bold eclectic mix, whatever suits your style.

6. Choose Accent Pieces Mindfully

Since we want our bedroom to look calm and soothing, it’s best to avoid cluttering the space with too many accent pieces. Instead go for a few thoughtfully curated décor pieces that add to the aesthetic value of the room instead of overpowering it. The aim is to add a touch of artistic elegance to the room without making it look like an art gallery.

7. Don’t Underestimate Natural Beauty

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your bedroom but don’t wish to deviate too much from your neutral colour palette, try to include natural elements like indoor plants, succulents, or even real flowers. These elements bring a fresh and bright charm to the look without taking away the minimalism of the space. This is ideal for people who love the great outdoors and wish to make their indoor space look natural and fresh.

Our bedroom is a place where we can truly be ourselves. This is why it should be designed as our happy zone that will also encourage thoughts. While these bedroom ideas are excellent to get you started on your bedroom renovation journey, if you wish to take it up a notch and give your space a professional touch, you should get in touch with the experts like interior design firm, Livspace.

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