Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House) @ Balestier Food Centre

Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House) @ Balestier Food Centre

Since trying Brickfields Pisang Goreng in KL, Malaysia (that was like the best!) during my last trip there, my love for goreng pisang was rekindled after so many years.

While I was at Balestier the other day, I thought I would drop by Balestier Food Centre for Boon Pisang Goreng which was relocated to here from the now-defunct Long House Food Centre at Upper Thomson Road.

Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House) @ Balestier Food Centre

The usuals I would get include the banana fritter, tapioca and nian gao with yam. Perhaps because Brickfields Pisang Goreng had already set the benchmark beforehand so these similar fried snacks didn’t wow me as much.

Of the 3 items, I liked the banana best because it was nicely coated with the batter and was crispy and crunchy, albeit oily. The batter wasn’t heavy and the frying oil was fresh too. Only downside was that the banana itself was a little plain without much natural sweetness or fragrance.

The nian gao was probably left out for too long so the coating wasn’t as crispy and perhaps undercooked too as the sweet rice cake itself was just hard and somewhat chewy when it should be tender and slightly sticky. I liked its pairing with yam though as the yam was really soft.

The tapioca had most of its coating fallen off so I couldn’t enjoy much crunch on it. Taste wise, it was like any other fried tapioca cake so nothing to shout about.

Prices start from S$0.70 and up.

Guess I need to hunt down more good goreng pisang in Singapore.

Boon Pisang Goreng (Long House)
Balestier Food Centre
411 Balestier Road
Singapore 329930
Opening hours: 11.30am to 8.30pm daily
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