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Korean Spicy Seafood Soup Recipe

I went back to Twins Korean Restaurant @ Craig Road the other day as I was craving for its Korean fried chicken and spicy seafood noodles. Comforting food as usual. Really enjoyed my meal. Came back home and made this Korean Style Spicy Seafood Soup that was inspired by the noodles I had at Twins […]

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Teochew Steamed Pomfret Recipe

Whenever I think of Teochew cuisine, I would also get reminded of Granny’s cooking – the humble, homely fare that I used to eat when I was little. Nothing pretentious or over the top. It was simple food that wasn’t heavy-handed but it always tasted good because Granny was particular about the freshness of the […]

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The New Tefal Advanced Spherical Pot Rice Cooker and a Mixed Seafood Congee Recipe

I recently received Tefal’s latest Advanced Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (Model RK8115) that has a 1-litre capacity (for up to 6 cups of rice). It’s a compact rice cooker that’s designed for a small family. Before having this new addition to my kitchen, I was still using a conventional rice cooker – those with single […]

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Seafood Potato Pancake Recipe

This is a fusion dish inspired by the Korean seafood pancake and the Swiss rösti. Instead of using just regular potatoes, I added in sweet potatoes as well to give the pancakes some natural sweetness. If you like, you can also use scallops and lump crab meat besides squids and prawns. I made a lighter […]

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Nyonya Style Fried Assam Prawn Recipe

I haven’t had a good Fried Assam Prawn dish for a long time until when I visited Makko Teck Neo at Telok Blangah Rise which served up homey Peranakan fare. Really reminded me of Granny’s cooking as she used to make similar assam (a.k.a. tamarind) prawns when I was little so I decided to recreate […]

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Spicy Fish Floss Recipe (using Shovelnose Ray)

My late granny used to make fish floss (she called it ‘her hu’ in Teochew) a lot when I was little because my father loved fishing then and every weekend he would come home with a huge catch of fish like sea bass and snapper. I really missed those moments when the kitchen would be […]

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Spicy Prawn and Chinese Lettuce Stir Fry

I used to only eat lettuce raw until when I experimented with stir frying it previously and I thought cooked lettuce was not bad too. See my Stir Fried Lettuce Recipe (with Shimeji Mushrooms). Every time when I just needed a few lettuce leaves for sandwiches or salads but I could only get a whole […]

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Honey Baked Salmon Recipe (with Pineapple Salsa)

Bought a huge pineapple to make Pineapple Chicken earlier but wasn’t able to use all up so I made a pineapple salsa with the leftovers as a side dish to go with my baked salmon lunch. Flavours worked perfectly in this dish. While the honey baked salmon tasted more on the sweet side, the tangy […]

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Crispy Cornflake Fish Finger Recipe

I love eating fish fingers as they are so easy and quick to prepare. Fun to eat as well, lol. Just have to pop them into the oven for minutes and they’re done. They make a great snack to munch on and I really enjoy dipping them into sweet chilli sauce or mayo. Yum. However, […]

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Sweet and Sour Salmon Recipe

This is what I call the fish version of a 咕噜肉 (‘gu lou yok’ or Cantonese-style sweet & sour pork) and I’m sure this Sweet and Sour Salmon Recipe will be much healthier (with lots of omega-3 fatty acids too) than its deep-fried fatty pork counterpart. As salmon itself is very oily, there is no […]

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Sweet Potato & Tuna Fishcakes Recipe

I used honey sweet potatoes that were golden yellow in colour. You will see from the recipe below that I’ve not added any salt which is absolutely not necessary because the sweet potatoes are naturally rich and sweet plus canned tuna is already tasty on its own. All that is needed is just some coriander […]

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Fish & Shrimp Burger Recipe (with guacamole)

McDonalds’s Ebi Burger will be back in a few days’ time! Woohoo! That’s one of my favourite special burgers from MCD that’s only available for a limited time every year. Anyway, I drew inspiration from the Ebi Burger to create this recipe which I can then enjoy it whenever I have a craving for a […]

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Claypot Tofu Recipe 砂锅豆腐

Claypot Tofu is one of my all-time favourite dishes to order at any tze char stall in Singapore because of its savoury gravy that goes very well with rice. And since I’m one who loves variety, I really like the idea of having a wide assortment of ingredients (vegetables, meats and/or seafood) in one single […]

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Seafood Pie Recipe

This is a pie with no pastry. 😉 Oven-baked fish or seafood pie is one of my favourite casserole recipes and definitely the ultimate comfort food. You can use almost any seafood of your choice and an assortment of vegetables (preferably hard ones that don’t turn mushy easily when cooked for too long). Paired with […]

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Teochew Steamed Fish Recipe 潮州式蒸鳕鱼

I love fish but I’m somewhat scared of fish, lol. I remembered there was a time when I was still little and I was eating dinner in front of the TV. I accidentally swallowed a fish bone which caused me so much discomfort in the throat that Gran had to rush me to the GP. […]

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Quick and Easy Sambal Sotong Recipe

A bottle of my favourite store-bought sambal chilli is always available in my pantry. I like Glory brand of Nonya Sambal Chilli Sauce that you can get from any leading supermarket here. It costs about S$2.20 per bottle from NTUC FairPrice. Whenever I need to do a quick stir-fry, I can just use the sambal […]

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