China Square Beef Noodles 中國城 @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

China Square Beef Noodles 中國城

China Square Beef Noodles 中國城
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-45 Alexandra Village Food Centre
Singapore 150120
Opening hours: 10.30am to 8.00pm daily (Closed on Thursdays)

Went to IKEA Alexandra to grab some flower pots and plants hence came by Alexandra Village Food Centre for an early dinner. Most of the stalls there were either closed or closing during the late afternoon period on weekends so there really weren’t many choices to pick from. The husband and I settled on this beef noodles stall which somewhat looked pretty promising.

China Square Beef Noodles 中國城

As usual, I would go for Beef Noodle Soup (S$4) whereas the husband prefers the dry version. The look and taste of this beef noodle soup really reminded me of the same from Hock Lam Beef. I’m not sure of the history of this stall but from its name, I presumed it used to be located at China Square. Perhaps the recipe came from the same grand master for both establishments, lol.

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly plain-looking, clear soup base because it was really flavoursome and full of this meat/bone sweetness and fragrance. The beef chunks were tender but not to the point of melting in the mouth as they still had this slight chewiness and bite which is how I like my meat to be. The thick rice noodles were also perfectly blanched to the right texture. Overall, this was a hearty and delicious bowl of beef noodles worth slurping!

Besides the usual chilli sauce that came with a refreshing tinge of sourness, there was also chinchalok (fermented shrimps) which paired really well with the beef pieces. Yum.

China Square Beef Noodles 中國城

The Dry Beef Noodle (S$4) had a hint of herbal aroma that wasn’t overpowering. While the gravy was thick and not cloyingly starchy, somehow I felt it fell short of expectations as it wasn’t as robust as I wished it would be. Overall, it was decent tasting but just didn’t impress. The husband liked it a lot though.

If you’re in the vicinity and looking for a healthier hawker food alternative, opt for the Beef Noodle Soup that’s just so comforting and light. 🙂


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